1 Backstory time

Alexander drake a twenty year old man with a life story straight out of a news entry or just Alex as he prefers to be called. alex developed a rare disease in which his blood has an abnormally low PH level causing him extreme agony if he is not hooked up to a machine that lowers his bloods ph level before returning it to his body. alex was a skeletal looking individual thanks to his acidic blood robbing him of most of his nutrition. it was impossible to tell what he was supposed to look like a he had no hair and his skin was sickly grey and covered in acid sores.

Alex never knew his parents since he was left on the door steps of the orphanage when he was a baby. all he had at that time was a note with his name and an envelope with a small necklace in the shape of the sun. alex was a fairly normal boy with green eyes and brown hair until reaching puberty at which point he developed his incurable illness. the doctors were astonished when they had drawn blood for the first time and it started eating through the plastic tube.

Blood specialist from all over the world flew to his hospital to study his never before heard of disease. they told the eleven year old him that he was an impossible case that shouldn't be alive due to how acidic his blood was. after that time just sort of blended together for alex who could not leave his hospital bed. the only highlight in alex's sad existence was his favorite hero superman who much like himself had an abnormal body. unlike alex however superman's strange body made him stronger over time which was something alex envied greatly.

Alex didn't think this day would be any different then normal when a male doctor entered his room with a pitying look. alex was familiar with that look since he had seen more times than he could count over the years. "whats up doc?" alex scratchy voice spoke up jokingly. the doctor sighed "the test results came back , you're dying alex." he said seriously. alex chuckled with his rough scratchy voice a sad sound really. "I've been dying for the last decade , that's nothing new." he said jokingly. the doctor just looked sadder " you are a brave kid." he said seriously.

Alex shook his head slightly "i'm not brave i just know better than to get upset over something I've known would happen sooner or later." alex said with more a little self loathing. the doctor was quiet for a few minutes before he spoke again "is there anything you would like before you go?" there it was again , that pitying tone. "I would like to go in my sleep if that's not too much to ask." alex said calmly. the doctor said he would see what he could do before leaving alex alone once again.

Alex's request was approved and a day later he closed his eyes for the last time in that world. the next thing alex knew he found himself in an unfamiliar place that looked like some sort of palace. before he could begin questioning everything a deep voice spoke up reverberating throughout the hall. "hold that thought. in order the answers to you mortals normal questions is the afterlife , i'm your random omnipotent being or R.OB for short , and because i plan on using you to alleviate my boredom. yup those answers fit the three most asked questions perfectly. " the voice said calmly.

Alex fixed his vision on the source of the voice at the far end of the hall where a huge man dressed in white and red robes sat on a throne. the beings face was impossible to see for alex as it was like looking into the sun. "What?" he asked the being in confusion. the being sighed "the three most common questions you mortals seem to ask where , who and why. to be specific , where am i , who are you and why am i here. get it now?" the being explained with a slightly irritated tone.

Alex remained calm "i see." he said blandly. the being seemed surprised by alex's lack of emotion despite the situation. "well aren't you just a ball of fun , no matter i suppose." the being said nonchalantly. "I randomly pluck your insignificant self out of the river of souls to give you the opportunity of an eternity. you puny mortal shall be granted a system capable of reaching even my height of power , with the correct effort that is." the being motioned grandly as it spoke. alex was starting to feel an emotion he hadn't felt in a long time , hope.

"The world you are going to is a place under the jurisdiction of a couple of lower gods who have been watching the drama they caused unfold. ah , before you get going a piece of advice , try to unlock your semblance as soon as you can. bye now." the being said before alex found himself in the arms of a stranger as an infant of all things.


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