Sundaram Tamas in the Mystic Verse Book

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Sundaram Tamas in the Mystic Verse


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At the beginning, when primordial beings didn't exist, concept was just a thought as the fabric of the universe basked in nothingness. There came a group of powerful beings know as gods, they created a bloodline of Temple Keepers . With the ability to bend reality to their thoughts, they nurture the Primordial beings and perfect the concepts of life or so they thought. As a result, time and space where born. They experimented creating worlds individually but that could only keep them busy for so long. Bored with the curse of immortality, they assign a Watcher as they are put to eternal slumber. The Primordials seize this opportunity to rule over the masses that the gods once rule. The chaos created is so great to bear as their nature becomes a hindrance to conquering a lost territory. ... A high podium is seen above this sea of people that stretched through out the city. "This day have we come to your rescue. To deliver you from the hell of freedom..." A deep inhuman voice roars from it's massive body as he gripped the podium tightly. "Yes!!" The crowd roars causing a slight rumble as the masses cry in unison. Not bothered but their closeness as one thing clouded their mind. A dark smile embraced his lips as loses himself gripping the pulpit so tightly as he stretches each side apart tearing it down. And flinging it of the podium but no one cares anymore, they make way for the incoming object but don't stop roaring for a second. "Welcome to the New Order!!" Series of maniac laughter break from the mindless crowd. A new order #Mystic Verse shout out to my comrades Daoist_Chunibyoo, Shadlight, lilsleepy_, step_on_internet, Ranzone


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