Summoning a Wicked Wizard

Author: uhjuihoijio
Fantasy Romance
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  • 90 Chs
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What is Summoning a Wicked Wizard

Read ‘Summoning a Wicked Wizard’ Online for Free, written by the author uhjuihoijio, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, DARK Light Novel, SLICEOFLIFE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Veretta is the last thing standing between her village and a murderous warlord. After her village is left to fend for it...


Veretta is the last thing standing between her village and a murderous warlord. After her village is left to fend for itself against a vicious army, Veretta decides to take matters into her own hand by summoning the black wizard. The terrible tyrant of decades past is reborn in the midst of a bloody war. His life is tied to Veretta, but has she released an evil farther greater than the enemy she has yet to face? Is Veretta in control or is he? She will have to decide as her own ideas of right and wrong start to bend under the weight of her vengeance. The trouble is when you look into the darkness, sometimes it looks back at you... Follow this icy romance to the edge of love and darkness. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warning this story may contain spoilers for the following novels: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The villainess is worse the second time around: https://www.webnovel.com/book/the-villainess-is-worse-the-second-time-around_19276786806019905) and Making the demon lord love me https://www.webnovel.com/book/making-the-demon-lord-love-me_20209849305073805

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It's so marvelously written! Like...I was engrossed from the start, Veretta and the black wizard are really interesting characters and I wait to find out how the story will unfold. It's honestly very intriguing. Also, your choice of words is epic, love the novel.


This novel is well written. I rarely review or read but I am here writing a review all the same. So, you have done well. Do keep up the good work, for these kind of novels are seriously in short supply. Added it to library! anticipating future chapters ! :-)[img=recommend]


Honestly, this novel has quality in it. Its narrations were having quality way above most of the novels I have read so far. The story is very engaging and the w the author pulled off the genre stupendously. I can feel the mood and I am engrossed as I read. Words were chosen well for the readers to read. This is honestly the piece I need to learn from. Gonna read more from the author. Potential is huge and I can see this being one of the greatest hidden gems so far. Looking forwards to more! Love lots! 😍


This novel hooked me in right from the start, in a field of ice, with stones marked in blood. Veretta, a naive and yet so relatable character, practices necromancy for the first time out of pure uncertainty and fear of the savage warlord. The plight of the Black Wizard and the Villainess is so heartwrenching, and so many times have I felt tears come to my eyes as they battled their emotions and doubts towards each other. In the meantime, Ace is fighting his way through all the obstacles that are hurled at him to reach his true love, whom I miss dearly as well (from reading "Making the Demon Lord Love Me"). I enjoyed every single paragraph of this book, along with all the characters who are so marvellously woven into Veretta's story. I don't usually add novels into my library, but I couldn't leave this precious gem lying outside its doors. Thank you, Author! 💞🐧


An Expertly Written Tale of Revenge & Magic ☆~☆ the Author is really good at developing characters, exploring their feelings and building tension! This story is a bit of a slow-burn, but totally worth it if you like Revenge stories with Magic and Mystery.. [img=update]


The book is very good, in overall, especially the narration. The writing style of the author is close to perfect but I've noticed that the author did not pay too much attention to the commas. Looking forward for more chapters


Judging from the chapters I've read so far, I can tell that Veretta is a strong character who is determined. I do hope that the choice she made of summoning that wizard does not change who she is. I'm excited for more adventures and the challenges they will face in the upcoming chapters. Great job!


A good piece of dark-themed romance and thriller novel. The way of writing the author uses is very vivid and so is the story like if read carefully you understand how deep those simple words mean. The character is placed we'll with their respective personalities and it keeps getting interesting chapter by chapter. This novel is neither slow-paced nor fast but in a way, one can be comfortable with. Last but not the least, Good work author and I hope to see more work from your side! Good Luck!


I mean, there's only one chapter, so I'll give it a 4.6 for now. I dunno how stability of updates or story development will be, so I can't give a 5 star. This definitely feels like it has potential though, so do keep writing, author! I was hooked from the beginning.


INTRIGUING! The background description was excellent. The emotions of the characters are well portrayed. Loved Veretta and her determination to protect the villagers is at par. As far I read, the plot is well paced with a good amount of story development. Waiting to see the development between her and the wizard!!


The first chapter is intriguing, I can say that upcoming part gonna be more interesting, I really enjoyed reading the chapter, it's just beginning but interesting


Well it's only 1 chapter right now so I can't say much, but the first chapter is really interesting, you could imagine how you see the 2 characters in front of you and making their deal and talking with each other


It has only one chapter, but I have to say that I'm already a fan. The plot is intriguing, the type I look for usually, and the genre is my favorite too. Anyway, the writing style is great and descriptive. I would definitely suggest trying this. It's worth it!


Well, I must be crazy to review a book that is only one chapter. But I have to be honest... the first chapter is addicting, well written and had great potential. I hope the talented Author will continue writing the story! I'm sure it will be an amazing novel! Well done Author! Keep it up!


Cheeky authors review here to get things started! This novel is romance thriller based on revenge, memory and magic. Please consider giving it a read and telling me where I can improve !


I read a few chapters and I say it has a good start. The two characters have a good synergy yet they feel far and different enough to learn something from each other. I recommend this and hope the best it can evolve into a fantastic story. Keep it up.


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