Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Book

novel - Fantasy

Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!


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In a world where dungeons have materialised for 3,000 years, wealth and power pour like a waterfall, throwing the world's balance into chaos. As people rejoiced in newfound riches and opportunities, the impoverished finally found a way to escape poverty. But with power came the need for control, and a certain occupation was created to manage those who dared to enter the dungeons. The Explorer's Guild was born with many eager adventurers seeking to enter these dark and dangerous places. Those brave enough to venture into the dungeons were given a title to signify their status, with the most skilled among them earning the title of Dungeon Scout. Our hero, Vincent Schwartz, was a young orphan found inside one such dungeon. He was adopted by the dungeon knights who found him, and for eighteen years, Raised among the very creatures that were his born enemies. However, thanks to the love from his adoptive mother, Verda, he became an ordinary elf-like boy filled with love and passion for humanity and his peers. On his 18th birthday, when the world's children could ingest a special fluid and awaken, he was scared of remaining weak and useless; however, at the moment! A mysterious system known as The Demonic Choice System appeared out of nowhere and gave him random choices with different rewards throughout his life. Vincent made his first choice, able to gain a powerful but strange Summoner class. With this power, he could summon beings from distant lands, wielding unlimited power and the ability to perform devastating attacks. Will Vincent's newfound abilities help him attain the life of his dreams, filled with love and adoration from the beautiful monster girls he encounters? Or will he be forced to fight and battle against the shadowy purpose of the dungeons themselves as the world's secrets and darkness begin to unfold before him? Only time will tell in this epic, romantic harem novel of adventure and intrigue.