Summoned into a Magical World at Max Level

As a hardcore fan of the online game Light of Glory, Rennes has devoted ten years of his life to become the most powerful Mage character. Crowned with titles such as "The God of War", "The Strongest Mage in History", "The Arcane Master" and so on, he has maximum levels in the five main branches of magic - elemental conjuration magic, light magic, dark magic, time magic, and space magic - as well as in every other type of magic in the game, and has achieved maximum level in all skills. Upon reaching the Pinnacle of the Pantheon, the game world collapses and a black hole appears in his room, sucking him inside. When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in a strange world surrounded by devoted worshippers. "O Honorable God of the Game, heed the call of your most faithful. Come to us and protect us."

Larger Every Year · Fantasy
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40 Chs

The Humble Archmages

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The earth was rejuvenated with new life due to the death of the soldiers. Countless new lives were thriving on this land that was irrigated with fresh blood.

As many as 100,000 people fell on the battlefield, including many mage apprentices. There were also intermediate-rank combat forces such as mages and Grandmages.

The Rain of Corrosion contained three elements - dark, water, and death - that came together to form a great destructive force.

A terrifying spell like that was no different from a natural disaster for the people. It was not something that mere grand mages could defend against.

Following the pitter-patter of the rain of death, all 100,000 soldiers gradually fell into eternal slumber.


The few Archmages of the Raytheon Empire floating in the sky swallowed their saliva with difficulty. Their eyes were filled with fear.

Was this really a power that could be unleashed by a human?

Even if all five of them worked together, they would not be able to create a natural disaster like this so easily.

Not to mention killing an army of 100,000 soldiers.

Now, they looked at Rennes with an extremely complicated look in their eyes.

There were fear and terror in their gazes, but more than that, there was regret.

This handsome blonde-haired youth, a man who walked out of the Abyss.

Just what kind of existence was he?

"That… What spell was that?"

The leader among the five Archmages was a brown-haired old man. His eyes were filled with shock.

He was wearing an azure mage robe with a pattern embroidered on his sleeve. Six stars flashed, forming a hexagram array.

This symbol meant that he was a six-star Archmage.

These 100,000 people were the most elite forces of the Raytheon Empire that had survived many battles.

And now, they had all fallen here. Even if the Raytheon Empire took over the entire territory of the Noah Kingdom, it could not make up for the loss of 100,000 troops.

Of course, no matter how great the loss was, the Emperor of Raytheon would not dare to punish the six-star Archmage lightly.

After all, a six-star Archmage was among the most honorable existences even in the entire magic continent.

At this moment.

The brown-haired old man's face was filled with excitement. He was still immersed in the disastrous rain, unable to extricate himself from its magnificence.

His knowledge and attainments in magic were extremely profound.

However, after searching through his memories, he could not find the name of the spell just now. There was not even a hint.

Having experienced such a world-shaking natural disaster, he was deeply impressed by this power.

That was why the brown-haired old man had asked the question.

Because he had lost control of his emotion, he even had a shocked look on his face like a country bumpkin who was entering the palace for the first time.

On the other side.

Rennes, who had an unusually good hearing, narrowed his eyes and smiled.

"Rain of Corrosion. By your standard, it should be classified as an S-class spell. Why? Do you want to learn it?"

Rennes' expression was gentle, and he said amiably.

He was so amiable that it appeared as if he was a university professor answering a student's question.

No one who saw Rennes' amiable attitude could have thought that he had just casually used a spell to kill 100,000 people a moment ago.

But to Rennes, it was really no big deal. He had already experienced events that were much bigger in magnitude in the game world.

For example, in a war between different countries, he had personally massacred millions of people from the Sakura Alliance.

Millions were just a number to Rennes.

So, 100,000 was merely child's play. It did not put any mental burden on Rennes at all.

At the same time, the shock, fear, and anger of the enemy, as well as their desire for his power, felt so childish to Rennes.

Based on what he could sense, if the Raytheon Archmages were characters in the game, they would at most be comparable to level 120 players.

Level 120... Haha, Rennes had already reached that a few years ago.

And in another corner of the battlefield.

In the Imperial City that was protected by a protective shield, Lifa, staring at Rennes' back, was so shocked that she could not speak.

She did not expect this rather skinny blonde youth to be so strong.

If not for the battlefield covered by magic plants right now, Lifa would not have believed that, with a simple wave of his hand, the youth had killed 100,000 people just now.

"Master Kront, you can rest in peace. The Noah Kingdom is saved!"

After the shock, LIFA shed tears of excitement. She clasped her hands together and prayed to the sky.


In the sky, the dark cloud dispersed.

Unknowingly, the night veil had covered the sky. Starlight sprinkled down.

On the battlefield, the strongest combat forces of the Raytheon army were still alive.

At this moment, the last five remaining Archmages stood in the sky as still as statues, as if they had been cursed by Medusa.

"Will you really teach me, sir?"

After a long period of silence, a hopeful voice broke the calm.

"Henry, are you going to betray the Raytheon Empire?"

"That guy walked out of the Abyss! It's a temptation from hell! Don't be fooled!"

"How can you believe the words of a Demon God who walked out of the Abyss, Henry?!"


The brown-haired old man's name was Henry. When his companions heard his words that were dripping with desire, they immediately became anxious and tried to dissuade him.

A six-star Archmage, two five-star Archmages, and two three-star Archmages.

This was already the full strength the Raytheon Empire could muster.

Of course, this was not counting a certain high and mighty man at the top of the Empire bearing the strength of a seven-star Archmage.

Rennes heard the humble request of the strongest Archmage among the opponents, a six-star Archmage.

What a good student!

The kind-hearted Rennes naturally would not disappoint him.

"Of course! As long as you become my apprentice, I will guide in search for the true meaning of magic and the origin of all things in the world.

"The Rain of Corrosion just now was only one of many S-class skills that I've mastered. There are dozens other spells in my arsenal that are equivalent to what you call the forbidden spells.

"Moreover, S-class spells can only be considered as basic spells for me. Above that, there are intermediate SS-class spells, and advanced SSS-class spells.

"Do you want to learn? If you acknowledge me as your master, I can teach you!"

A kind and amiable smile appeared on Rennes' face, as if he were Santa Claus trying to fulfill the wish of children.

Following his amiable words, the five Archmages on the opposite side instantly started breathing heavily.

"He's mastered dozens of forbidden spells?"

"There exists SS spells that surpass even forbidden spells? What kind of existences are those?!"

"Is that really true, sir?"

By now, none of the Archmages could remain calm anymore. All their gazes became excited.

Even though just a moment ago, they were still trying to dissuade Henry.

On the Arnold Continent, powerful mages would usually sign some kind of political contract with a powerful country.

However, this was not everything to a mage. For a mage, power was still the most fundamental thing.

All mages yearned to learn powerful magic and obtain the strongest power. This was their lifelong belief and pursuit.

Especially at the level of the Archmages. It was even harder for a mage at that level to advance to the next level.

Now, there was an opportunity before them, and for that purpose, they would give up anything, no matter what it was.