8 The Hidden Dangers In The Kingdom

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Inside the reception hall of the palace.

Lifa was wearing a golden magic robe that symbolized the power of the monarchy. She was sitting in a high-backed throne in the middle of the room.

Her eyes were bright, and there was a hint of nobility in her imposing manner. She exuded the aura of a queen.

"Your Majesty, I am your loyal subject, Anthony!"




"We are willing to offer everything to you. May the Great Queen and the Kingdom of Noah be eternally glorious!"

All ten of them placed their right hand on their chest and knelt down on one knee as they proclaimed in unison.


Lifa solemnly expressed her acceptance.

To be honest, she did not value the so-called kingdom etiquette that had been passed down from the old era much.

While waiting for the arrival of the staff, she had already read Rennes' manuscript three times.

In the end, Lifa sighed inwardly. If only she had obtained this manuscript back when she had started training...

Perhaps she would have been able to awaken the magic power in her a few years earlier.

Maybe then, she would not be stuck at the level of a Grandmage now – an awkward level that was neither high nor low...

She looked at the ten devoted-looking young men.

Lifa gestured at the "Introduction to Magic" manuscript on the table and pushed it forward. She smiled and said, "Does anyone among you wish to become a mage?"

As soon as she said this, it caused quite a stir in the group.

Mages had a noble status in this world. They were highly respected.

If a family managed to produce a mage, even if it was just an apprentice mage, they would make the neighbors within a radius of ten miles look up to them.

So, who wouldn't want to become a mage?!

Looking at the queen's bright eyes, they could not help but grumble in their hearts.

All of them had had this dream before, but the reality was that they were already past the optimal age to become a mage.

After a bout of wild thoughts, everyone gradually calmed down and began to try to figure out the meaning behind the queen's words.

Some of them soon realized something. A momentary joy flashed in their eyes, but it quickly dimmed.

Could it be that the queen had found a way to let them become mages?

But that was impossible. Anyone who was not a mage at the age of twenty would no longer had the ability to become a mage. It was an iron rule that no one could break.

Noticing their reaction, Lifa smiled and said, "That's right, I do have a way to let you become mages. Now, who among you is willing to give it a try?"

When her words concluded, the ten young man who were still kneeling looked left and right at each other. A trace of uncontrollable ecstasy started to appear in the depths of their eyes.

Looking at the Queen's gentle gaze, and considering her extremely confident tone, all of them chose to believe her.

This was because the queen represented the royal authority, and the royal authority was the most supreme existence. As a great successor of the royal authority, why would the noble queen lie to them?

"I'm willing to try!"

"I'm also willing to try!"

"And me!"


Seeing them fight for the chance to try the new method, Lifa nodded to herself and waved her hand to signal for everyone to be quiet.

"There are five manuscripts on the table. The details of the method are all written down inside. Read them carefully and commit them to your memory. I will give you one day. I hope you won't disappoint me!"

"Also, the contents of these manuscripts are top secret!" Lifa suddenly turned serious.

"We are willing to sacrifice our lives to keep Your Majesty's secret. We pledge our allegiance to Your Majesty with our lives!"

Hearing the orderly declaration of the group, a relaxed smile appeared on Lifa's face.

She walked out of the hall with light steps.

Now, all the young men had understood the importance of these manuscripts. They also knew the seriousness of the matter. They craned their necks to get a better look at the manuscripts, trying their best to memorize them.

Half a day later.

A deafening roar of excitement resounded in the reception hall.

"This is amazing! I can sense magic power in my body! This is unbelievable!"


Meanwhile, Lifa was handling the administrative matters in another room.

She had received a report from the maid.

"It seems we already have the first success!" Rennes crossed his legs on a leather chair. Looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window, he said with a relaxed smile.

It was already dusk. The entire sky outside the window was dyed orange.

He could actually use his ability to make little changes to this world.

For Rennes, it was a very satisfying feeling.

"That's right. This is all thanks to you, Lord Rennes. How can I ever thank you?"

At the moment, Lifa had changed into a green, fresh-looking summer dress. A faint smile was hanging on her face.

She looked at Rennes with admiration.

Unknowingly, the way Lifa addressed Rennes had changed slightly, from Sir Rennes to Lord Rennes.

When Rennes heard Lifa's mischievous question and felt her gentle gaze, he said playfully, "Hmm, that's right, it's almost night-time soon!"

Lifa blushed when she felt Rennes' teasing gaze. She quickly understood that what she had just said could carry an ambiguous meaning.

Just as she was about to explain herself, an urgent report came from outside.

"Your Majesty, Duke Lucas is here to see you!"

Outside the door stood a guard in full military uniform.

At the moment, he seemed a little nervous.

As if the Duke Lucas he mentioned was a ferocious beast.

"Tell him to wait in the hall for a moment. I'll be there soon!" Lifa frowned, a trace of gloominess creeping onto her small face.

Obviously, this Duke Lucas was someone Lifa found extremely troublesome.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The guard respectfully retreated and closed the door behind him.

"What's wrong? Is there a problem?"

Rennes had noticed Lifa's abnormality and asked.

"Sigh, what a headache!"

Lifa rubbed her forehead powerlessly. In this world, according to the aristocratic hierarchy system, the Duke was the highest ranked peerage under the monarch, followed by the Marquis, the Earl, the Viscount, and the Baron.

When one reached the position of Duke, they already had a strong voice in the kingdom.

It turned out that when Lifa's father was in power, Duke Lucas had pressured him into issuing many orders that harmed the citizens' interests. That caused great dissatisfaction among the populace.

Lifa had just come into power and had just started to accumulate some prestige for herself after much difficulties thanks to her victory in the war.

If she were to lose the prestige she accumulated because of Duke Lucas, it would be a real shame.

Therefore, deep down in her heart, she was actually unwilling to side with Duke Lucas, who was her uncle in name.

On the contrary, she was more willing to abide by the laws of the kingdom and let the interests of the commoners be protected.

However, what worried Lifa was that a newly-crowned monarch like her was nothing in the eyes of the leaders of the deep-rooted aristocrats of the Noah Kingdom.

Would Duke Lucas, who had always been arrogant, listen to her opinion?

While thinking that, Lifa walked out of the room and headed towards the palace hall.

Rennes followed behind her because he had nothing else to do.

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