Summoned and Unwanted

Vincent lost his parents at a young age to an unknown infection that mysteriously spread in a large city which was holding a massive worldwide event. He survives but he becomes mutated by the infection. In the end, he blamed himself for his parents' deaths because he was the one who insisted on visiting the event. Years later, Vincent meets with an infected survivor named Kevin, who helped him heal his heart. However, not all stories have a happy ending. Unfortunately, Kevin would pass away ten years later and leave a book with heroic tales as promised behind. However, the book wasn't as it seemed and after Vincent reads the book, it teleports him to the world the book depicts. A world of sword and magic with a horrible twist. Heroes are referred to as invaders, so people hate, persecute, and kill any otherworldy hero summoned to their world. As an oddity to the world and possessing an oddity residing in his body, Vincent becomes the only person in the world to awaken two classes. A Hero and a Mutation class. The more retainers he acquires, the stronger he becomes through mutation. This is the journey where Vincent starts from naive to brave, zero to a hero. From a single young adult to a harem king, from a nobody to an important person to many. As Vincent tries to survive with people he can trust, he would receive many titles such as Harem King, God, Miracle Worker, Hero, Husband, Master, King, Monster, and many more. Multiple questions will haunt Vincent's thoughts while living in the new mystical and strange world. Go back to Earth? Protect his new loved ones? Find the mystery of the teleporting book? Or create a haven where he and his loved ones can live in peace? These questions are for the readers of the book of heroes to discover as his story unveils itself. _________________________________ Chapter words 1,800+ (1-182) Chapter words 1,600+ (183+) _________________________________ Discord https://discord.gg/CSg5Baf ________________________________

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Beast vs Monster. One predator can live.

The Great Gray Wolf slowly stood up. Its full attention was on its surroundings. To take advantage of something was its goal to survive.

Vincent swung his arm like a mad beast, but it was too obvious to evade. The Great Gray Wolf used the momentum to extended its huge head forward.

Its intention was clear. If the arms are hard, then forget them. If his limbs regrow, then forget them. Riping him apart was its next plan of attack.

Soon the pair of sharp worn-down fangs approached deadly close to his side. Vincent tried to attack but only managed to claw its shoulder open.

The Great Gray Wolf took a risky gamble. It could only hope it was worth it. The fang penetrated his flesh, but not a single moan could be heard. As if he felt nothing.

The Great Gray Wolf tossed its head. With it, Vincent was viciously swinging in the air while green blood flew everywhere.

Ester trembled at such vicious sight. Vincent seemed like he was about to be ripped in half.

Ester gulped to muster the courage to do something. She didn't want to die. In her hands was a miracle. With Lupa in her arms and the digital watch with a strap thorn, Ester shouted, "Lupa is alive and well. Beat the beast. We can survive."

Vincent grunted by these words, and his face twitched. It was as if he couldn't feel pain but suddenly started to understand her words.

The white of his eyes returned back to normal, and his senses returned. Vincent felt pain, yet it didn't feel as bad as it appeared.

The fangs piercing his flesh felt like a toothpick poking him vigorously. The pain receptors were tolerating the pain. But for how long it could keep up, he didn't wish to know.

Vincent felt power and energy like he never felt before. He shoved his hands between its jaws and used all the force he had.

Second after second, the jaws couldn't keep up against the force to open wide. As the jaws opened, Vincent was flung near Ester and Lupa.

Vincent quickly stood up as if nothing happened. There were multiple holes on his side, the bubbling green blood, and the steam rising was all for show, it seemed. He felt almost nothing.

Vincent turned his head; his eyes caught Ester holding Lupa dearly. As if she wanted to protect Lupa from him.

"Ester... I don't know what's happening, but... is Lupa ok? I can't use Inspection. " Vincent spoke with a deep hoarse voice. On his face were disgusting veins, but there was no hint of viciousness anymore.

"L-Lupa is healed. Her legs are healed, and not even a scratch is on her. Lupa is breathing fine too. " Ester said while doubting her own words. Lupa was miraculously healed.

Vincent didn't care what was going on within his body. He only thought of one thing. To kill the one that made them suffer.

Vincent gazed down. His semi-monstrous eyes bulged in surprise by his recovery speed. As if nothing happened, no scratch or blood was on him.

Ester felt hope since Vincent regained his sanity. At least now, one winner might not kill her.

"You have become stronger, faster, and immortal. Your hands did all this. " Ester said, filled with hope.

Vincent gazed at his forearms. Both covered up to his elbows with green hardened skin, almost like gauntlets. Strangely green steam escaped from the cracks as well.

Below him were a few pieces of cutlery. His hand descended and picked up the first thing he saw. It was a fork placed by Ester.

Vincent took a stance as if he was about to throw a ball. The veins on his arms bulged even further as his strength to throw reached his max.


The fork flew in a straight line. It kept going until it reached its destination. The force was strong enough to ignore the wind armor.

The Great Gray Wolf flinched from the pain. This was the first time a projectile pierced through its wind armor.

Vincent revealed a sly grin. The forceful wind was a gentle breeze with his current power. The Great Gray Wolf become a large practice target.

Vincent turned his head from left to right. The cabin was quickly examined, and a path to the most throwable objects was found.

Vincent sprung forward, breaking the floor with every step. He didn't know how to control his power.


A few seconds later, he made the third hole in the wall as he kept running without the control to stop.

Ester stared at Vincent while not knowing what to say. Should she encourage him or feel perplexed by his failure.

'Can the cabin hold against these many holes?' was her most questioning thought.

Suddenly Ester could barely see the hazy silhouette of three fast projectiles heading for the beast. Three spears shot from the hole as if it was a multi firing ballista. Not hindered by the wind armor, all three pierced the Great Gray Wolf as it screeched in pain.

Vincent peeked out of the hole and said in a creepy hoarse voice, "Peek a boo. I see you."

Vincent was currently feeling arrogant, overwhelmingly strong, enraged, and lastly, wanting to kill the beast that made all this happen with all his might.

Vincent felt strange. In such a situation, he didn't think he would feel like this. He felt as if these emotions weren't his own. However, the time to figure things out was not now.

Vincent grabbed a few pieces of the broken wall. Then he threw them, crashing against the beast with force. Next in his line of sight were two table legs. He walked at a hurried pace to not make the same mistake and picked them up.

"This is for Lupa. " Vincent focused his eyes to target its legs. An eye for an eye, a leg for a leg. The two table legs spun forward in the air with deadly force.

The Great Gray Wolf tried to evade, but the pain and its crippled leg greatly hindered its movement.


Two table legs hit its legs. One pierced while the other crashed and fell.

Vincent was getting the hang of using his power. Throwing objects until it dies was the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned.


Vincent felt a sudden rush of pain. Then he coughed in his hands. His brows raised in surprise by what they saw.

A mixture of red and green blood was on his hands. The time was running out, and blood was returning to normal. Soon he could feel hot. As if it was a heatwave in summer. The feelings of pain and sense of temperature were returning. A bad sign indeed.

Vincent had to finish before he gets finished. Time for games was over. He had to end it as quickly as possible.

Vincent rushed forward with all his might as he left the breaking floor behind. With his heightened senses, he kicked the floor jumping high.

As his hands touched the ceiling, he pushed himself down, leaving a few disturbing cracks on the ceiling. His fist tightened, and it approached the Great Gray Wolf in mid-air with all his mighty strength packed in it.

The monstrous beast prepared to counter. It's throat inflated, ready to shoot another burst of wind.

Vincent in mid-air reached closer by the second while the opponent's throat inflated more that it could expand.

The Great Gray Wolf had many veins bulging as this wind cannonball was the best it could do. At one meter distance, the deciding call started. The wind cannonball shot, and a powerful gust of wind followed.

Vincent swung his arm forward. He intended to end it all this with one strike.


A loud explosion echoed in the cabin as the two forces met. Hot gusts of wind blew inside the cabin, increasing the temperature of the cabin. However, there could only be one winner.

"Argg... " Vincent fell on the floor, tumbling in pain. He lost the confrontation as his strength seemed not enough. Vincent slowly stood. His arm was broken.

Ester noticed how Vincent could feel pain and his power decreasing with his every move.

"Here, use my sword." Ester threw the short sword at him. Luckily it was knocked near her by the last clash at the right time.

Vincent grabbed the sword with difficulty. He raised his gaze at the Great Gray Wolf while ignoring the pain from the broken arm.

As Vincent glared at the beast, he noticed something. From around its throat, it was bleeding. It seemed the last attack was too much for its body to bear.

Vincent raised a grin at this opportunity. A chance he couldn't miss.

[You can do... it.]

Lupa opened her eyes. She saw Vincent preparing his final attack. A do or die charge. These words gave him determination the see another day. To survive at all costs.

Suddenly, a familiar memory resurfaced. This familiar scene sparked important memories. The ones he saw before arriving in this world.

He remembered his father and his mother protecting him. His father bravely holding a signpost as a weapon while his mother protected him with her body.

Vincent donned a determined look. One filled with the wish to survive as he wished his parents to do.

Vincent charged forward while the Great Gray Wolf opened its trembling jaws. It seemed that was the only thing it could do.

Vincent leaped forward, thrusting his sword first. The Great Gray Wolf timed it perfectly, bit the sword, and stopped his charge.

Vincent forcefully stopped. The sword between its fangs painted a hopeless scene, yet his face told a different tale.

"Checkmate. " Vincent raised his previous broken arm with a fist ready to strike. He hid the recovered arm to use it at the right time.


Vincent punched the short sword with all his might. The sword shot inside like a bullet, and most of its fangs followed.

The Great Gray Wolf's eyes shortly became hazy. Lifeless by its nearing death. Soon it collapsed as its legs couldn't hold the heavy body anymore.

Vincent decided to use the inspection to be sure it was dead. He had too many surprises in this lifetime to risk.


[Name] Great Gray Wolf (Corpse)

[Descrtiption] Killed by a short sword. Killer Vincent Agius.

[Loot] Air Core, Short Sword.


Vincent sighed in relief. It was finally over. He managed to survive the night with one miracle after the other.

"Is it dead?" Ester asked. She was brimming with curiosity to know.

'Are we finally safe?' She wanted to find out.

Vincent turned his head facing her. He gave a smile while his body trembled. His eyes returned to normal, and the pair of piercing green shining eyes faded. The steam stopped, and the hardened green skin crumbled like ash.

Suddenly Vincent fell on the floor, losing consciousness after such a brutal night.

The fight is over, but his new life just started with a big bang.

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