Summoned and Unwanted

Vincent lost his parents at a young age to an unknown infection that mysteriously spread in a large city which was holding a massive worldwide event. He survives but he becomes mutated by the infection. In the end, he blamed himself for his parents' deaths because he was the one who insisted on visiting the event. Years later, Vincent meets with an infected survivor named Kevin, who helped him heal his heart. However, not all stories have a happy ending. Unfortunately, Kevin would pass away ten years later and leave a book with heroic tales as promised behind. However, the book wasn't as it seemed and after Vincent reads the book, it teleports him to the world the book depicts. A world of sword and magic with a horrible twist. Heroes are referred to as invaders, so people hate, persecute, and kill any otherworldy hero summoned to their world. As an oddity to the world and possessing an oddity residing in his body, Vincent becomes the only person in the world to awaken two classes. A Hero and a Mutation class. The more retainers he acquires, the stronger he becomes through mutation. This is the journey where Vincent starts from naive to brave, zero to a hero. From a single young adult to a harem king, from a nobody to an important person to many. As Vincent tries to survive with people he can trust, he would receive many titles such as Harem King, God, Miracle Worker, Hero, Husband, Master, King, Monster, and many more. Multiple questions will haunt Vincent's thoughts while living in the new mystical and strange world. Go back to Earth? Protect his new loved ones? Find the mystery of the teleporting book? Or create a haven where he and his loved ones can live in peace? These questions are for the readers of the book of heroes to discover as his story unveils itself. _________________________________ Chapter words 1,800+ (1-182) Chapter words 1,600+ (183+) _________________________________ Discord https://discord.gg/CSg5Baf ________________________________

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A night to remember

"What's happening? Why did you stop me?" Lupa tilted her head. On her face was a puzzled frown as she wanted to know why they were stopping her.

To Lupa, a woman was in trouble and in need of help. 'We might be next.' Was on her mind.

Ester kept silent, saying no words with a face flushed red. She even started averting her eyes away from Vincent because of what was most probably happing in the next room.

"I thought you saw enough hints, but you don't know much about how humans do things. Ahem... so, you know, they are... mating. " Vincent answered slowly. He couldn't believe how loud they were going at it or how thin the walls were.

"What!" Lupa raised her brow, then frowned in anger. She seemed somewhat pissed by this matter, as if she was taking it personally.

"But... but... we haven't mated yet. Why can they and we can't? " Lupa felt like she lost, but after a brief moment of thinking, she curved a grin and asked, "My mate! Does it mean it's the right time like it's their right time?"

[Hey, hey, hey. This is your chance! You can do it. Come on, I believe in you. Your time to shine has come!]

Kazumi started encouraging and pushing Vincent, urging him to act on the situation. A fortunate situation that presented itself after deciding to sleep in the cheap bedroom.

"It is still not the right moment?" Lupa went in front of Vincent's face and cutely asked again. Then she held his arms with a tight grip as if she didn't want him to leave.

With Lupa and Kazumi showing their persistence in the matter, Vincent decided to let the shy and embarrassed Ester reject the idea and run away like usual.

'I'm not ready for this yet, and... I must delay until I get a lot of money to heal my body, or they might leave me because of my horrible body.' Vincent once again negatively thought.

"Ahem. You can ask Ester first. I can mate with you anytime, but your sister's confirmation is important." Vincent placed the problem on Ester's shoulder.

Lupa turned her head, swapping to the next target. She rushed to Ester and started encouraging the red-beat nervous Ester to mate with Vincent.

Unfortunately for Vincent and his perfect plan to heal his body first, Ester agreed to Lupa's wishes after a minute of persistence. Following this, Vincent could hear Kazumi laughing at his failed plan to delay the event.

Ester mustered her courage and looked at Vincent. Her heart raced from nervousness while stuttering, "C-ca-can you b-be gentle?"

"Of course... wait, what?" Vincent couldn't believe his ears. "But... I don't want to show you my disfigured body. It will be a nightmare instead of a memorable time. You fainted last time."

"I don't care! My mate's body is my mate's body. I only want you." Lupa denied Vincent's excuse to leave it for another time.

"I-I already told you before. Your b-body is because of us. I-I don't mind yo-your na-naked bo-body. Th-the last time it w-was a mis-misunderstanding." Ester stuttered while averting her eyes.

[Give up. You are a bit too much, I say. You have two beauties in front of you, yet you don't wish to partake in such a feast. Are you afraid they will dislike you after you show them your body?]

[Well, it seems you forgot how we three became your retainers. The system checked our compatibility with yours and deemed Ester, Lupa, and yours truly as trustable people to keep by your side.]


"Fine..." Vincent said. Then he started explaining why he tried so hard not to spend a night with them. How afraid and ashamed he feels to see them disgusted at him. Vincent doesn't know if he can remain positive if a person he came to like and trusts start to hate him.

"If you two won't mind then, Lupa, your wish is granted." Vincent raised a smile, happy that his fears were put to rest temporarily.

Lupa didn't waste time and started undressing. After living so long without wearing clothes, it wasn't a problem to undress.

However, Ester is a different story. She froze still like a living statue, too embarrassed and nervous to move an inch. It seemed her previous words used all the courage she gathered.

"There is no need to be shy, Ester. You can be and act like Lupa. Remember, I am yours, and you are mine." Vincent said with his cheeks visibly red and his heart racing.

Ester slightly nodded and slowly lifted her hands with great embarrassment. Unfortunately, the impatient Lupa didn't like to wait, so she approached Ester and started undressing her.

It caused Vincent to turn around and hold his chest. He didn't know if his heart was about to burst out of his body from the stimulating sight.

[You better stop acting so pure, owner of a large research material folder filled with games, pictures, and videos. I suggest it's time to put all that research data to use, hehehehe.]

Suddenly, an excited predator jumped on her prey, causing the two of them to fall on the bed. Lupa's aura changed, and she extruded fierceness.

What happened next couldn't be described with words as the horny wolf girl unexpectedly possessed bright glowing golden eyes and with reaction speed too quick to grasp.

In the few seconds of Primal Insight that activated on its own, Vincent's bandages were removed at the same speed as if someone ripped the bandages with an extremely sharp blade.

'But doesn't Primal Insight only activate and help Lupa in her time in need? I wonder what other requirements she needs for her ability to activate.' Kazumi pondered. The urge to know everything made her brainstorm a possible reason.

That night, Lupa's wish to mate with her chosen alpha finally came true. The same could be said for Ester, as she also secretly wanted what other women had.

Ester wished to be loved, but her shyness always kept her from saying what she wanted. She always remained with the mindset of being unworthy for having a small chest. Her inferiority complex caused her much harm.

However, after this night to remember, Ester started thinking differently. She only needs to be accepted by the one person she loves instead of people she doesn't know.

A long, long time later, on a mattress with a broken wooden bed stand...

Vincent looked at the ceiling with a smile, unable to leave his face. He felt exhausted, yet he felt liberated at the same time. As if a thing that held them back has now disappeared.

Vincent looked to his right and saw Lupa sleeping with a smile on her face. She seemed to have a happy dream.

Vincent then looked to his left. Soon their eyes met, yet Ester didn't flinch nor look shy.

Ester looked at Vincent as if she didn't need to worry anymore about being unworthy of being loved from the inferiority complex telling her she is lacking.

Vincent wanted to support Ester and help to overcome her shyness, "Ester, you are pretty and don't need to hide your feelings from me. I will always have your back."

After hearing this, Ester curved a smile and unhesitantly kissed Vincent. Then, she said with a pair of red cheeks before turning to the other side and hiding from his sight, "Good night."

"Good night, my daring Ester." Vincent slightly teased her.

[Congratulations, you blessed man. Now sleep early, or you will feel sore from the broken bed.]

Kazumi felt happy for Vincent. She saw all his past and knew quite well he needed a place to call his own. A safe place to relax and let go of his troubling thoughts. Fortunately, he found the company he always wished to have.

Vincent closed his eyes and wished for all days to be filled without worry and enjoy his hundred years in this world with Ester, Lupa, and Kazumi.

*Day 57*

The next day arrived. Vincent opened his eyes and saw Ester and Lupa chatting about something.

Lupa looked at Vincent with a frown and asked, "We need to talk."

"There is something we need to know. " Ester added.

[Ohh boy. I guess you in trouble now, haha.]

Vincent's heart quickly raced, and a nervous sweat started forming on his forehead. 'I can't have children unless they have mutated blood. Then... they don't want me anymore?' He thought.

"We had a talk this morning about us. We want to ask about our future and the sharing rules you promised us." Ester talked as if she was a new woman. Her face had a slight blush instead of her usual bright red blush. It appeared Ester felt more comfortable around Vincent.

"... yes... what do you need to know?" Vincent asked, worried about what could happen. Regrettably, he can't leave this problem for another time like he likes to do.

"Will you have time for us if you have more wives?" Lupa asked first after she kept insisting while chatting with Ester that Vincent would have more mates and that they needed to stay as the top wolves of the pack with their alpha. As if she knew the future and potential of Vincent.

"Will you be with us when we ask?" Ester felt the same after hearing Lupa out. Anyone that knew their secret needed to stay close, and if it was a woman, then what Lupa mentioned could become true. Ester kept this thought in her mind.

[Hmmm... is it going to be a trap, or will a new path to harem is about to open? Well, I would like to see how you handle this situation without my help.]

Author Note:

Thank you for everyone's support during all this time. Up until now, the MC changed and grew from a weak, indecisive, and helpless person to a responsible and strong person. As the series continues, the MC will grow more confident and tries to choose the best choices fate provides him.

It took many chapters in the determination and resolve arc, but I wanted to show the MC's growth from his point of view since only 57 days passed since he arrived in a different world. No one can change at the snap of a finger.

Novel Update:

In chapter 205, which will be released on the 26th of August, the chapters will go premium and have a daily upload. It takes time and effort to make a chapter, and with premium, I hope my wish to reach the ending of about 2000 chapters or so become true.

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