1 New Neighbors

Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hoftaste both made their way up the stairs of their apartment in frustration.

As doctors of theoretical physics and experimental physics, the two originally had enough confidence in their own IQ. In order to allow human beings to have more high-IQ offspring, the two of them went to a sperm bank for high-IQ people to donate sperm, but they were filling in the sperm. The watch hesitated for a moment.

  "This is genetic fraud!"

  Sheldon lost his confidence in an instant when he thought of his sister, who was still a waiter in a restaurant.

  Back at the apartment, Leonard was about to take the key to open the door, but found that the door of the neighbor's house opposite was open, and a hot blonde was sorting things inside.

  "New neighbor?"

  Leonard's eyes widened.

  Sheldon shrugged. "Obviously."

  "A significant improvement over the previous one..."

  Looking at the beautiful woman in the room wearing hot pants and a T-shirt, with a bulging front and back, Leonard's male hormones quickly secreted.

  "Hi! I'm Leonard, this is Sheldon, we're your neighbors..."

  Sheldon didn't feel it, for him, women were completely less attractive than Star Wars and The Flash.

  "Hi! I'm Penny, I just moved in..."

  The beauty greeted her generously, and commented on her new neighbor by the way.

  "...looks like those social phobic nerds, safe..."

  At this moment, the door of the apartment opposite opened, and a boy came out.

  The boy wears the oily hair that business elites often have, his facial lines are neat and clean, and his body is standard. The most important thing is to wear a three-piece British handmade suit. He seems to know that the price is not cheap, and it feels like this month's rent is only 1,200 yuan Dollar's apartment is a little out of place.

  Penny stared at the boy in surprise, feeling like she was about to orgasm...

  I saw the boy said with some doubts: "Sheldon, Leonard, you are not going to donate..."

  "Ah~~~~" Leonard suddenly said, "Martin, why haven't you left yet? Isn't there a court session today?"

  "Am I going?" The boy was a little puzzled at first, and then saw Penny staring at him drooling from behind, and then he reacted and shook his head amusingly.

  "Our new neighbor? Hello, I'm Martin Scott..."

  It took Penny a long time to react, and her smile instantly brightened. She stretched out her hand to hold the boy's hand and shook it while stroking it, looking like a nympho: "Hello...I'm Penny.... .."

  Seeing this situation, Leonard became a little lost, and whispered to Sheldon: "With this guy, we may never find a girlfriend..."

  Sheldon was not surprised: "Although I don't agree with the humanities of law, but from a biological point of view, Martin is indeed more likely to obtain mating rights than us..."

  After chatting for a while out of politeness, Martin looked at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon watch on his wrist and said apologetically, "I'm sorry Penny, I have a case for court today and I have to leave immediately... ."

  "Court?" Penny didn't respond for a while: "Are you a lawyer?"

  "Just graduated..." Martin explained modestly, then looked at Penny's hands that were about to touch her chest with some embarrassment.

  "Ah? Oh oh~~~"

  Only then did Penny realize that her actions were going too far, and she quickly retracted her hands and looked reserved.

  "Sorry." Martin adjusted his collar and said with a smile, "Leonard, Sheldon, I'm leaving first."

  After speaking, Martin turned and hurried downstairs.

  Penny calmed down her excitement after seeing the handsome guy a little, then turned to Leonard and Sheldon and asked, "Is he your roommate?"

  Leonard nodded disappointedly.

  "He's a lawyer...how could he live here? Or share a lease?"

  In the United States, lawyering is an absolutely high-paying profession. Even a newly graduated paralegal has an annual salary of $180,000, and an annual increase of $20,000, let alone a licensed lawyer.

  With such a salary, it is enough to rent a high-end apartment in the city center. Why live in an apartment with a broken elevator?

  Leonard is still immersed in the loss of being robbed of the limelight, but Sheldon, who is on the side, explained in a straightforward manner: "Martin said he works 80 hours a week, it makes no difference to him where he lives, and he wants us to These Ph.D.s in natural sciences gave him some scientific edification..."

  "Doctor?" Petunia grasped the point sensitively: "You...are you a doctor?"

  Speaking of his proudest aspect, Leonard's broken self-esteem finally healed a little.

  "I'm a Ph.D. in experimental physics from Princeton, and Sheldon is a Ph.D. in philosophy and theoretical physics..."

  "I have two more sciences and a master of arts..." Sheldon interjected, "I hope your introduction can be more comprehensive..."

  Penny, who just graduated from high school, was almost stupid when she heard this, and looked at the two in front of her with a look of disbelief, as if she had seen a scientific monster.

  After a while, Petunia pointed to the empty hallway: "And... what about Martin?"

  "Harvard Juris Doctor, authentic JSD, that's one of the reasons he can share with us..."

  Sheldon explained solemnly: "Although I don't think that the humanities of law are of great significance to the progress of human science and technology, it is the basis for building a modern civilized society, and to a certain extent, it is barely worthy. …"


  On the other side, Martin Scott walked from the apartment gate to the street, looked left and right, then put his index finger and thumb in his mouth and gave a loud whistle.

  In New York, this trick is a must-learn life skill.

  Soon, a yellow taxi stopped in front of Martin.

  Martin got into the taxi, casually said "District Court", then looked out the window of the car, thinking about the new neighbor who was pretty and sexy just now.

  "Is this... the beginning of the plot?"

  Since being reborn here twenty-three years ago, Martin has discovered many places that are different from real life.

  When I was a kid, my neighbor's last name was Cooper, and there was a super genius named Sheldon...

  In the first year of high school, there was a female classmate named Juno who gave birth to a child, and a chemistry teacher named Walter White...

  Where is this reality? Obviously it is a comprehensive plane of American TV series and Hollywood movies!

  The discovery left Martin frustrated and nervous.

  Frustrated, he doesn't seem to be able to go back, the house he just bought still has 28 years of mortgage...

  The nervous thing is that UU reading www.uukanshu.com seems to be an ordinary person...

  After repeated confirmation, I learned that there is no company called "Stark Industries" or "Umbrella" here, and I was a little relieved.

  Anyway, it's not a plane where super powers are overflowing, and you can mix it up.

  However, the current situation is somewhat different from the previous life. For example, the four protagonists in "The Big Bang Theory" did not enter Caltech, but went to Columbia University in New York to do physics research, which made Martin worry that Penny, who yearned for Hollywood, would not It will just disappear.

  Now that I see Penny moving in next door, I am completely relieved.

  Thinking of the lively plot in the apartment in the future, the corners of Martin's mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly.

  "Sir, the district court is here."

  The taxi driver glanced enviously at the young man in the suit and leather shoes in the back seat, who was looking out the window in a daze.

  Martin reacted, took out his wallet and handed a fifty-dollar note to the driver, then opened the door with a briefcase and got out of the car.

  Walking to the gate of the court, Martin saw a handsome middle-aged man standing there, looking at him seriously.

  "Scott! As a new lawyer, you shouldn't be later than the senior partner of the law firm..."

  Before Martin could approach, the middle-aged man asked.

  Martin waved the Jaeger-LeCoultre on his wrist to the middle-aged man: "At eight twenty-one, there are still nine minutes before the agreed time."

  "Arriving ten minutes early is a lawyer's professional attitude." The middle-aged man replied dissatisfiedly.

  "You are my supervisor, you have the final say."

  Martin spread his hands and walked into the courthouse side by side with the middle-aged man.

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