68 Chapter 68: No

"You... live here?"

"Look, this TV is bigger than Jia Su's potential."

"S... Sun Fang! That's not nice to say. My... my brother may not be gifted in--"

"Please, don't ever try to defend my honor again, sis."

Sun Fang, Jia Su, and Jia Ning's breaths all traveled through the spacious area that was Yun Hao's hotel room. Even after a whole day had passed since he was invited to attend the Echo Hills academy, he still hasn't given them an answer.

He invited them here to give them the 150 Beast Cores he promised to give them; of course, he pushed all the empty beast cores that were on the veranda into the pool, before covering it with its tarpaulin-- they almost looked like pearls down there.

"How the fuck is a newly awakened, not to mention Freelance cultivator capable of renting a place like this?"


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