1 The Royal Decree of a Political Marriage

Translator: Paperplane

The sun shone unusually brightly in the springtime. A royal decree arrived at Minister Liu's manor in Nanli with the following orders:

"By royal decree of the Emperor, mandated by the heavens: The virtuous, talented, and exceptionally beautiful third young miss of the Liu Family, Liu Rushuang, will from here forth be known as Princess Changping and travel to the nation of Beiming to be politically wed. Milady will set out in three day's time. As granted by the Emperor!"

Minister Liu had a total of three daughters; the most disappointing of them all was the third daughter, Liu Rushuang.

In the Capital, rumors have it that the Liu family's third young miss was illiterate and utterly stupid.

Whereas the Liu Family's eldest young miss, Liu Ruyue, was not only captivatingly beautiful but outstandingly talented.

Why did the Emperor want to betroth such a women to the Emperor of Beiming? Well, there were many theories.

Speaking of the Emperor of Beiming, women of the Capital would all shudder at the thought of when he killed thousands of people one night on a bloody rampage.

People wondered just how many days Liu Rushuang would survive after her betrothal.

Just then, in the dreary and run-down Autumn Jade Courtyard, the female lead of this story rested leisurely on the bed.

She wore a silky white dress with embroidered flowers and various pleats, which casually spread across the floor.

Shimmeringly, elegant, long hair flowed down like a waterfall which just so happened to rest lightly upon a sweet-smelling shoulder.

Judging by the side profile, the person was extraordinarily charming and feminine.

But the facial features were extremely ordinary. On the streets, absolutely no one would give this person a second glance.

Liu Rushuang covered her yawn, as she listened to Qing'Er complain with a pout.

"Young miss, everyone in the Capital is talking about how you'll have an awful time married in Beiming. Even the eldest young miss and the second young miss were secretly cursing you in the courtyard! They're really out of order!"

Liu Rushuang smiled softly at Qing'Er who wore a long, light green dress and two buns in her hair.

She ruffled Qing'Er's hair.

At two years younger than herself, Qing'Er was really cute!

"Young miss, why did you ruffle my hair again?!" She exclaimed with an annoyed pout. Qing'Er reached her hand out and pushed Liu Rushuang's hand away from her head.

Liu Rushuang suddenly smirked and her eyes lit up. "Or how about you marry on my behalf?! With my strength, I'll definitely be able to run away," she said flatly.

Qing'Er was left stunned and wanted to cry a little, as she tried to figure out what she meant by that.

"Young miss, do you really want me to marry that tyrant in your place?" She murmured whilst staring at her young miss.

"Haha..." Liu Rushuang laughed out loud. Messing with people felt so good!

"Young miss, you tricked me again!"

Qing'Er watched Liu Rushuang laugh out loud and thought about her history of being tricked. On second thought, she realized that they would be committing a major offence by resisting an royal decree! Why would the young miss do that?

Why would she be so foolish?!

Liu Rushuang smiled brightly, as she looked at Qing'Er's angry and flushed face.

Thinking about this political marriage, her eyes darkened for a moment. She won't be that easily manipulated.

She thought about how her biological father in her previous life had trained her to be an assassin, and the conviction in her heart to listen to her father's orders no matter what.

But in the very end, she was tortured to death by her own father.

Just when she lost her life to the father and step mother who didn't protect her, the respected young miss of this life suffered some injuries.

She was punished to kneel in the courtyard without food or water for three days.

Finally, when she reached her limit of exhaustion and hunger, she secretly picked up the food that the young miss' threw out for her to eat.

However, her father who despised her found out and violently beat her.

In the end, on the brink of death, she still didn't know why it all happened.

With that thought, Liu Rushuang smirked with hints of ferocity and viscousness.

If she could transmigrate back, she would definitely murder the father who killed her!


In this lifetime, she finally had a mother who treated her well and made her feel like family.

But she passed away a long long time ago.

Her eyes gradually turned blood red.

Nevertheless, she smiled helplessly, and yet that same smile seemed to turn as dark as the pitch-black abyss.

Qing'Er stared at Liu Rushuang who looked like she was sad again, and silently stood by her side.

The young miss had truly suffered far too much.

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