Reviews of Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress


Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Qin Shuangshuang

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I’m an engineering student. I visited a book store yesterday and I saw a book named “How to become engineer without reading any book?”. I didn’t buy that because I want to become engineer without reading any book.

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The FL here was previously an assassin and had transmigrated on her new body either as a baby or as a young child. Her mother died early and was sent to a monastery from there as a young child she worked her way up in being a member of a mercenary/assassin group in ancient times and was summoned back to marry into another kingdom for an alliance. The pace is okay for me (it might be too fast for the others) and pretty straight-forward too. I do think it's a good read. I checked and its up to 600 chapters and completed. Chinese Title: 替嫁火风:暴君私宠小妖后


Wow just wow I'm in love with the synopsis! A historical fantasy just my type, peeps give it a read I love reading it wish the same for you all too! The characters are well tailored with a concept so enticing. The plotline is humorously designed pertaining to schemes, romance, humour, mystery and faceslaps! So excited for the updates!


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I really enjoyed it as first as it seemed like it might be a breath of fresh air in a stale genre, but the moment the ML showed up left me disgusted, and from what other people have said it doesn't look like it gets better. with an abusive ML the author expects us like just because he's handsome and the fact that he is abusive and only likes the FL because she's pretty and seems to have no redeeming qualities yet the FL still falls for him, from what ive seen people say this is not a FL will fix the cruel ML type novel (which i also have issues with)


READERS BEWARE OF THIS NOVEL! I almost read 200 episodes but I can't continue anymore. I thought the ML was finally changing when the FL left him after her friend/sister/maid was crippled. But instead he ended up being worse than before. The ML is basically an overbearing psychotic rapist. Not only did he kidnap, imprison, black mail, drug, mentally and sexually abuse the female lead now he is also physically abusing her. The whole time I felt like I was reading a graphic episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The kind that just makes your skin crawl at how the villan is portrayed as the "dashing and handsome" ML and every horrendous thing he does to the FL is seen as "romantic" and "testament of his love" to others. This is not love...it's a twisted kind of obsession he has over her. He doesn't respect her, he manipulates her however he wants and basically just treats her as a *** slave. This type of novel is the perfect example of how stockholm syndrome is developed in the victims...in this case, the victim is the FL. I feel so bad for the FL. After every thing she suffered in her previous and current life she ends up in a very oppressive and abusive marriage to the ML. I regret all the time and coins I used in reading this. If I knew the ML would be doing all those atrocious things to the FL, I wouldn't have bothered reading this novel. I don't want to continue reading this toxic "love" story where the FL ends up with her rapist. The description of the novel should have a warning to the readers of how abusive the ML is. Not everyone wants to read a novel with a toxic and twisted love plot. I really wish I could get a refund of all the coins I used.


It's disgusting that this is ranked 19th on the power rankings or whatever. The ML is abusive, the second male lead (possibly) who's just been introduced is abusive. I don't care if there is some grand back-story that they all knew each other in their past reincarnations and both MLs were in love with her, it's DISGUSTING how they constantly try to control the FL without ever considering her to be a living person with her own wants and desires. ML's guards are disgusting too - the molest the evil princess of the FL's country - I don't care how horrible, arrogant and ruthless she was, NOTHING can justify sexual harassment and abuse. Author has some seriously f*cked up ideas about romance. Avoid at all costs. I'm not even going to give this a fair rating (the translation quality is okay) because the plot is so disgusting.


Tbh I read some of it... and I couldn’t no matter what bring myself to like the ml. He’s doesn’t love her... he likes her looks. I bet that if she was an ugly duckling he wouldn’t try anything. He wants her but I’ve yet to see proof that he loves her.


It seems like this is going to be a very good book to read. the main character is so lovable yet beey capable and deadly. she has her motives and the evil prince has his


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I love the fact that she rebirth as a babyb and start to build her own strength .its so different than story.it was good until the ml appear. Tyrant, abuser, molester, lustful and evil. The only good thing is he is powerful than FL. The FL is very powerful until she meet ml turn into trash that can do nothing and foolish.she turn into masochist.she might suffer from Stockholm syndrome. I stop read it until chapter 172 coz the ml stil abusing the FL.i can't count how many times he squeezed her neck and molest her body .seriusly not a good novel.


Nothing new in the 60 chapters so far..the male lead is overbearing and doesn't take no when it comes to physical intimacy..he basically molests the fl..may be there will be more facets to the male lead character if I continue reading this story but I'm not gonna waste my breath..I'm not a fan of this kind of behaviour irrespective of situations that they grew up in.


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WARNING TO READERS— DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE HIGH RATINGS!! ABUSIVE AF ML AND DUBIOUS CONSENT! This story, as others have mentioned, had potential and the synopsis sounds like itd be a great read: reborn FL who is slightly OP and a doting, even more powerful ML? Fun, Right? Dead wrong. The ML from the very beginning denies the FL’s wishes and constantly forces himself on her. Her consent is NEVER given, at any point, and we’re supposed to forgive it all bc of how handsome and cool he is? No. DNF @ 41


I just can't get over the fact that the male lead is abusive and doesn't love the female lead. From what I've read in other reviews tgis dosen't even get better .... So much potential, such a waste


awful. if you don't like dozens of chapters of sexual assault followed by the ML whining that the female lead doesn't like him and he can't figure out why give this a pass.


Not worth reading abuse ML and I hated the part were the FL is falling in love with him even when he shows no love/respect towards her. I hate these kinds of stories where the abuser gets a happy ending


This story is extremely confusing and choppy. There is bo proper flow feom scene to scene as it reads as if there are missing chapters or something. I only started to read it to get experience points but i couldn’t bear to finish it for even that long


ML is abusive and the FL is dumb enough to fall for someone who beats and starves her for not being submissive to him and the author who wrote this sorry to say but dude you got some mental problems