Studying under Orochimaru, the Evil Scientist of Hidden Leaf Village

thanks for the invite, I'm currently in Konoha, having just become a disciple of Orochimaru. 'So, the evolution of the Sharingan from one tomoe to two and then three, is it a genetic mutation or something else?' Looking at the test subject in front of him, Kenichi Yumigami revealed a look full of curiosity. '...I always feel that this disciple's gaze towards me is somewhat off,' Orochimaru thought, holding the research report submitted by Kenichi Yumigami on 'The Impact of Soul Transference on the Body,' with a displeased expression on his face.

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Chapter 1: The Teacher is Orochimaru

Chapter 1:Teacher Orochimaru

"The war is over! The war is over!" Watching the jubilant crowd in front of him, Kenichi Yumigami couldn't feel any joy. He only thought these people were too noisy.

But the thought that the Third Great Ninja War had finally come to an end made everything seem somewhat better to Kenichi. At the very least, he wouldn't be sent to the front lines as part of a suicide squad, though no orders would have come to him anyway.

It was incredible, considering the heavy casualties Konoha suffered in the Third Great Ninja War. A low-ranking ninja like Kenichi Yumigami was considered expendable, but fortunately, he had a good teacher.

"The war is over, Kenichi." A gentle voice spoke, and without turning around, Kenichi knew who stood behind him.

One of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha, also known in the future by many as "Uncle Snake," Orochimaru—a man who almost couldn't redeem himself but miraculously did in the end—was his teacher.

"Teacher, with the war over, the Third Hokage must be getting old. He'll be stepping down, right?" Kenichi's voice carried a hint of immaturity; after all, he was only ten years old. However, he was mature and very calm, which Orochimaru appreciated.

The reason for his calmness was that this young body housed the soul of an adult.

He wasn't originally named this. On a rainy night returning from overtime work, he lost consciousness, and upon waking up, he found himself in this world as a war orphan of Konoha, fostered in an orphanage.

Unfortunately, he encountered Orochimaru, who was secretly collecting subjects for human experimentation. Fortunately, his performance caught Orochimaru's attention, transforming him from a potential test subject into Orochimaru's student.

Even now, thinking about the hardships and dangers he faced makes Kenichi Yumigami tread carefully, knowing any mistake could have turned him into an experiment.

Although Kenichi Yumigami hadn't completely watched Naruto, skipping many flashback scenes, he remembered some content and had watched some Naruto commentary videos. He had a rough idea of the Naruto storyline.

That was all he didn't quite understand, but even so, Kenichi Yumigami felt it was enough.

"Next time, don't be so disrespectful, Kenichi. The teacher may be old, but he is still the Hokage of Konoha." Orochimaru's voice carried no emotion; in fact, he wasn't angry, and Kenichi probably knew why.

When did it start? Orochimaru had some dissatisfaction with the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, but it was barely under control.

Kenichi knew that deep down, Orochimaru had some expectations of becoming the Fourth Hokage. But once he found out that the Fourth would be Minato Namikaze, he probably completely changed his mind, right?

"Teacher, any progress with the experiments?" Kenichi followed Orochimaru's steps. He wasn't a naturally gifted ninja; even at ten, he could barely qualify as a low-ranking ninja. Such a person normally wouldn't survive under Orochimaru.

But fortunately, Kenichi Yumigami showed his talent in science.

In science, Kenichi Yumigami could assist Orochimaru. His novel 'views' and 'inspirations' also earned him a small place in Orochimaru's heart. Orochimaru was very interested in him, and that was Kenichi Yumigami 's rule of survival.

"Not bad, although Danzo is quite impatient, our experiments have indeed made some progress. Maybe we can start with live experiments." Mentioning his interests, a smile appeared on Orochimaru's face, and Kenichi also smiled.

Orochimaru and Danzo were researching the cells of the First Hokage, hoping to create a child capable of using Wood Style. Kenichi didn't remember much content, but he remembered it seemed to be a success, though many died in the process.

But what of it? Orochimaru was such a person, and Danzo Shimura was also very dangerous. He had tried more than once to make Kenichi Yumigami a member of the Root, all refused by Orochimaru.

Later, Danzo even proposed placing a curse mark on Kenichi Yumigami 's tongue, which Orochimaru also refused.

However, this made Kenichi Yumigami very dissatisfied with Danzo, but he cleverly suppressed this dissatisfaction, only showing a hint of displeasure. Cunning is acceptable, but too much would only lead to suspicion.

Before he was strong enough to confront openly, Kenichi Yumigami wouldn't show any overt dissatisfaction with Danzo.

Returning to Orochimaru's secret laboratory, Kenichi Yumigami relaxed. The lab had some servants responsible only for cleaning and taking care of Kenichi Yumigami 's daily needs. These poor people would never leave, or rather, they would leave only upon death.

Kenichi Yumigami had grown accustomed to this life. In this cruel world, only strength was fundamental. Thinking of the exaggerated power levels in the future, Kenichi Yumigami became even more eager to improve his own strength.

**[Current Research Subject: Senju Hashirama's Physique]**

**[Research Progress: 99.8%]**

A display interface appeared before Kenichi Yumigami , visible only to him. It was because of this device that Kenichi Yumigami had enough confidence in his future.

When he crossed over, he gained a cheat that allowed him to research and analyze everything in this world, but he needed samples. After successful analysis and research, he could replace his own abilities, granting himself such powers.

It was because of this cheat that Kenichi Yumigami , originally unable to become a ninja, managed to become a low-ranking ninja.

But that was it. His physical condition was too poor to advance further, so he set his sights on physique, or rather, bloodline.

Originally, Kenichi Yumigami aimed for the Uzumaki clan, with Uzumaki Kushina as a good target. The Uzumaki clan's physique was also not bad.

But then he was noticed by Orochimaru, so he changed his target. Using his special identity, he obtained cells from Senju Hashirama.

Unfortunately, the First Hokage's physique was very special, and his analysis progress was slow. It took two and a half years to nearly complete.

But the wait was worth it. This was the First Hokage's Sage physique, which could definitely improve his own qualifications.

"Bring me that thing." Kenichi Yumigami called out, and a test tube was handed to him. He was currently researching the Sharingan.

(End of Chapter)