Stuck with a ruthless billionaire?! Book

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Stuck with a ruthless billionaire?!


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"Hey there , pretty " A guy walked to me and said . "Disappear already, you're too ugly to have a conversation with" I shouted and that attracted me some gazes , which I didn't care about . My life is fucked up already. The guy walked away with a glare and I didn't forget to glare back at him . "Miss, that man at the back wants to have a word with you " A waiter told me . "Well, tell him to come and meet me , himself "I replied him while sipping my drink . "Uhm, Ma the man I am talking about is Mr R" "Go tell your Mr R that I , miss R will not come there to meet him " I told him and he left to deliver the message . The man approached me himself with a cold face . "You refused my call " He said "Obviously " I replied . He looked at me with a flirtatious smirk and then grabbed my butts . I returned the gesture with a hot slap and emptied my glass of wine on him . "You messed with the wrong bitch !" I smirked and walked away . "Get her !" I heard him say and ran towards Cynthia's car .I opened the door and saw her making out with a guy . "Get the fuck out !" I screamed and pushed the naked guy out of the car . I collected the keys from her and drove off while the goons drove after me . I increased the speed and soon drove away from their sight . "Don't tell me caused a trouble in there " Cynthia said with a knowing glare . "Well I didn't " I smirked . "So what happened?"She asked and I narrated everything to her . "What if that man is very influential, you'll be in trouble" "Just change your plate number , so he doesn't trace you " "Geez , you also put me in trouble " Cynthia shouted and pounced on me . "Your life is on the line here " I said and we both laughed . I got to my house and bid her goodbye , then she drove for hers . "I've changed my mind . I give you three days to get me my money " I heard a voice speaking to dad on phone call . "Richard, please , why the sudden change of mind . Aren't you the man of your words ?" Dad asked with a smirk . I knew dad's tryna play the mind game on him . He's cunning after all. "Its Mr R, not Richard . If I correct you again , your head will pay the price " He said and hung up on the call . wa...wait a second .Mr R???!! "Dad , who's this Mr R" I asked and he grabbed me by my neck . "This should be the last time you eavesdrop on my call" He said and walked away . If it's who am thinking , then am not safe !!. Check out this book guys !!! My entry for the romance carnival The cover doesn't belong to me


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