Stuck in a Survival Game : I'm a Lucky Player?!

Fantasy Romance
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What is Stuck in a Survival Game : I'm a Lucky Player?!

Read Stuck in a Survival Game : I'm a Lucky Player?! novel written by the author CoffeePrincess on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering system, magic, weaktostrong, survival, apocalypse. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An Jiaxin got stuck inside a survival game as a Player. Here in this game, failure means instant death!  An Jiaxin who felt the world was boring no matter which way she looked at it, found a new inspiration in her life while walking through the continuous disasters she faced throughout the game. But to survive and continue her life, she needs someone to rely on who is stronger than her, right? Thanks to her lucky charm that she got after entering this game, An Jianxin meets a cold and indifferent, distant player whom she crosses paths with frequently.  "Boss, just close your eyes and let me hug your thighs, alright? I promise I'll be a good girl and won't get in your way to hunting monsters!" An Jiaxin soon finds a reliable ally who seems to be like an overpowered MC in a novel. But, why does the boss look at her with strange eyes? Does he have an eye problem?  The boss grabbed her cuff and smiled, "An Jiaxin, let's jump together from the cliff!" "No thanks, Boss. You have a death wish, but I don’t!"

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The storyline presents an interesting take on the relationship between a game and a user. I find it to be fast paced and quite immersive, it's though as you read you as the reader become caught up in the game just like An Jianxin. A very good read I will say.


very interesting story I must say, I must applaud you Time and effort you put in this game because it's interesting, imagine surviving in a game, so interesting


The book is well written. Not even a single dull moment. kudos to the author.


This novel reminded me of The Peripheral, it's a series. This is a game changer novel, it a must read honestly!!! I have always imagined being stuck in a game, please update more , we the readers need more


Very good story with survival and game, this story have potential and you need to read it, because the female lead is beautiful, i recommend it, keep writing,


Very interesting story with survival and game elements themed. this story have potential and you need to read it


Your female lead is really charming. A really good story with unique plot. Beautiful characters and good setting. Keep up the good work . Fighting


I love this book,the characters and storyline are great. Keep updating more chapters can’t wait 🤭


BEAUTIFUL!!! M not a fan of books like these but WOW! It was well written, and the imagination of someone actually getting stuck in a game is so intriguing!! Please update more my lovely author


I'm in love with this book, author... Please update more...🥹


The author is just giving me a surprise in a serial, one after another....Just every book of hers, I'm a total crazy fan✨❤️ u author!


Hello! To be honest, I'm not a big fan of system novels because I don't understand how stats work T^T But as I read through this novel, I can feel my prejudice against systems to be ebbing away: It's that greatly written! Please keep up the good work, dear Author!


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