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An amazing world of cultivation. A majestic world where miracles happen. There is a warrior who defies destiny and forge his own path facing innumerable difficulties ahead. Come and join the life of the person who will go against the set destiny of the cruel world and become something extraordinary. ===== Extraordinary my foot. What is this illogical cr*p? Does it even make sense? If you are doctor, then work in a hospital. What the hell are you doing going after girls? If you are a commander in the army, then bring your army to get revenge on those who wronged you. Why go through the trouble of pretending to be a weakling. You are a useless son in law? Your wife's family thinks you are good for nothing? Then how the hell did you score her in the first place?!!! If they like money so much and you are a hidden millionaire, then why in the name of sanity would you hide this fact and be berated every day?!!! The hell is all this?!!! The more I read it, the more illogical it becomes. Like this all came straight out of someone's as-- [Host, why don't you calm down?] 'You shut up!!! You're the reason I'm stuck here in the first place!!!!' [Host, you need anger management] 'THE FU*K DID YOU SAY?!!!!!' ===== Hello everyone! This is my second novel and so far, nothing is decided. This is just an idea that has been plaguing my mind for quite a long time and I decided to let it out and let you guys decide whether or not I should work on it. Give it a proper read and let me know. You guys will decide the fate of this novel. Also, I would like you guys to come up with proper genres for this story. Bonus chapters: 150 PS for one chapter 300 PS for another chapter 20 GT for two chapters 50 GT for another two chapters 1 Review of 4 stars or above, 1 extra chapters Maximum extra chapters per week: 7 ===== The cover is A.I generated and is not mine. If the real owner would like me to remove it, let me know in any chapter comments. That's it. Enjoy!

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The counterattack

Chapter 46

Wei Jun opened the door to the room where Zhan Yi and Quan Li were. Outward, they didn't look like people who were burned with acid but Wei Jun's experienced eyes could tell, they were afraid. They were very afraid even though Quan Li was smiling and talking to Quan Kui and Xia Lu. As for Zhan Yi, his smile was fully forced and Wei Jun could tell he blamed himself for what happened.

They saw Wei Jun enter and they greeted him, "Boss!" All five of them collectively spoke. Wei Jun said nothing as he entered further in and said, "You two seem to be doing a lot better. I guess I need to give these doctors a special something."

"What are you saying, boss?" Zhan Yi spoke as he continued, "Sister Lu told us it was all thanks to you and the miracle you performed. I don't know what you did but you have my heartfelt gratitude."

"Hmm…" Wei Jun just hummed. Quan Li also picked up the courage to thank him, "I owe it all to you, boss. Thank you very much."

"I wasn't the one who protected you and took half of the acid." Wei Jun expressionlessly said. Quan Li understood what he meant and she cast a sideway glance at Zhan Yi. Zhan Yi picked up this small signal and both of them blushed a bit.

However, the pain was still there. Wei Jun knew these flimsy things wouldn't help them forget about it.

"You have tonight to rest. Tomorrow the shooting continues." Wei Jun ordered before he turned to the rest of the trio, "Stay with them tonight. I will arrange beds for you and a separate room for them."

Wei Jun left the hospital after preparing a separate room for the boys and making arrangements for them for the night. Quan Li's family hadn't been informed of this incident and she said not to let them know and Wei Jun was more than okay with that.

Wei Jun left the hospital and went to his car. After that, he drove to his office to prepare the scenes for tomorrow. He didn't really care about the events that happened and his anger was only because his possessions were harmed. Now that they were alright, he was fine with it.

'But that doesn't mean I won't bite back.' Wei Jun said inwardly as he changed his destination from his office to the downtown area.


At nighttime, a guard was making rounds of a huge corridor of a tall building. He left the corridors and entered the hallway. He checked all the doors and after making sure they were locked, he entered the security camera room and sat in the chair as he began to inspect the security cameras.

He was checking the footage when he noticed that the one in the bottom corner had stopped working and the screen was static now. He was about to press restart when all the screens began to show the same thing, a static screen.

He figured something was wrong so he hurriedly pulled out his radio to alert the rest of the security team only to find out that the frequency of his radio wasn't working, allowing him to connect with the other security guards.

As he was still pondering his next move, he felt something cold against his neck. He froze and didn't dare to move when he heard a calm but low voice, "Move and I will slice your neck."

The guard did nothing in response which was an amicable response for the intruder. "Now, which button controls the electricity, and water lines?"

The intruder asked. The guard, still unmoving just raised his hand and pointed at the buttons and levers that did so. The intruder said nothing and while the guard felt fear, the next moment a shock passed through him and he lost consciousness.

The intruder then picked up the guard and took him to the front of the building where there was a small truck already parked. The intruder threw the security guard in and many more people dressed in security uniforms were unconscious.

Then the intruder took out a few cans from the front of the truck and entered the building again. After turning off the water from the security room, he opened the valve from one of the pipelines and poured the contents of the cans into the pipes. He then turned on the water supply which carried the substance to the main tanker of the facility.

He then turned off all electricity in the facility and cut a wire from the main connection. Since there was no power, there was no danger to the intruder. He then climbed to the top of the taker with the wire in his hand and opened the taker from the top. He threw the wire inside the tanker from the top and climbed down after closing the lid.

He returned to the security room and opened the window on the side, directly above the place where he had parked the truck.

He turned the electricity and as soon as he did, he jumped out of the window and entered the truck. He started it and began to drive away in urgency. He wasn't very far when an explosion, originating from the tanker shook the surroundings. The force from the explosion pushed the truck as well but the intruder managed to contain it and kept driving. After a few minutes, he came to a stop and examined the damage he had done.

The explosion had destroyed almost half of the compound and the fire from the explosion was catching up and the rest of the compound was being engulfed in fire. The damage was catastrophic with nothing left behind.

'Except for witnesses.' The intruder thought inwardly as he glanced at the truck full of security guards. He sighed and simply drove away after getting in the truck. He stopped the truck a few miles away from the compound and came out. The security guards were still out and the intruder left them as they were.

He moved a few bushes to reveal a black bike. Suddenly, a biker suit and a helmet appeared on the intruder's already-covered face. He got onto the bike and drove away into the distance. On the way, on the other side of the highway, he could see a lot of cars with sirens traveling in the direction of the place he had just burned.

He paid them no heed and even though there was a policeman who noticed him, his focus was more on the factory as he drove to his original destination, ignoring the biker.


"Last night, a fire broke out in the compound factory of the Tian family. Miraculously, there were no life casualties but the fire was so dense and strong, that nothing survived in that fire and the fire had yet to be controlled by the fire extinguishing squads even after twelve hours of effort. The Tian family has released no official statement about it but sources say that the cause of the fire is still unknown and cannot be detected until the fire is put out." A TV reporter relayed the news on the news channel.

Yao Tian, who heard this news at about ten channels was holding his head in anger while his other hand held a strong drink.

The factory that burned down wasn't just one factory but it was a group of factories where different products were processed and made. And it didn't only belong to the Tian family as well but also to many other affiliated families. The damage was catastrophic and what to do about it was yet to be decided.

The situation was dire and it was even more dire for Yao Tian because the compound was under his watch. It was his responsibility, one of the few he had left after his blunders.

"Has it been found?" Yao Tian asked. sure, Yao Tian was devastated by the fact that they lost millions of merchandise in the fire but what he was truly worried about was something else.

"The fire in that sector wasn't strong so as soon as it was out, I personally entered to examine the vault but there was nothing there." Butler Sa reported.

"Fu*k! How did someone even come to know of that place?!" Yao Tian couldn't understand because the vault that was robbed was off the grid. It was one of the personal stashes of the Tian family. The illegal money they earned from drugs and other stuff. Since the money was unmarked, it was mostly used for bribes for the city officials.

The Tian family had about ten stashes but each one held about 200 to 300 million Yuan. Moreover, since the money was unmarked, there was no way of tracing it. Which means the Tian family incurred a heavy loss overnight.

The question that remained was, how did someone come to know of the vaults when only the inner family members knew?

"I have a guess, young master." Butler Sa spoke.

"Well, then don't keep me in suspense!" Yao Tian yelled, annoyed and angry.

"The flash drive that we held as leverage against Young Master Noh and the other families." Butler Sa only needed to say this and everything became clear.

'Fu*k. This is all my fault then.' Yao Tian realized another problem after that revelation and he hurriedly said, "Make sure to keep this to yourself. No such flash drive exists."

"Understood, Young Master." Butler Sa replied.

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