Stuck Between Them Book

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Stuck Between Them


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"Do you believe in love?" he asks me. "Why should l? When him and l broke up l just got broken and swore revenge ya know?". Saying it made me a bit evil but hey that is what Andrew gets for leaving him. Thinking about it all over again is way too much."I want you to remember that just because you were broken does not mean you can't be pieced back together' Adam says. Something about what he said just got my spirits up. BUT NOO "Dude are you okay. You sound like a freaking love doctor' l say while pretending to check his temperature. He removes it and holds it in his hand The spark is there but l will not let it go any further. "Stop l am being serious Ariana" Ariana Mendoza, a strong billionare.She doesn't take nonsense after her breakup with Alex, her last lover. What will happen when Adam Auderalli comes in her life. It's all hatred but then love. Wiill they survive when a blast from the past arrives and her other life is now exposed?