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Read STRUCK TWICE novel written by the author Aziliwe01 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, mystery, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Elena is gradually getting set for high school graduation, highly determined to become what her parents wanted her to be. All is going well, until she fell victim to a lightning strike the night of her school prom. Elena finds herself in the hospital the next morning only to find out she was a victim to not just one but two lightning strikes. Now Elena battles between remembering lost 8years of her life and escaping the sinister intentions of her high school lover, who remained evergreen in her memory. ....would Elena be able to escape from the trouble she put herself in in by reuniting with her high school lover, or would she finally remember forgotten memories.....STRUCK TWICE. WORD COUNT: more than 50,0000 words

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The concept is interesting and unique. It Struck-ed me throughout the chapters. The writing style is well written. Added to my library. Well portrayed characters. Highly recommended for reading. Keep up the good work, Author!


I find this story really interesting. The first meeting of the two had me flattered! Also, the events in the story was well defined because of the writing style of the Author. Please do keep up the good work! Kudos!


The title of the story is unique and really it is catchy to the readers. The way the author portrayed the characters is interesting. The beginning of the story made the readers more excited. All the best author..


The synopsis of this novel is really interesting and I was intrigued to read more and as I did, I am starting to love it! The author has done an amazing job! I am addicted to this novel now...can't wait to read more!


If you're a fan of romance, comedy, drama, and crime solving, this is the book for you. I recommend to read the book, it really is intresting. The characters are perfectly described, and the story is quite easy to flow with. Please do read, share, vote(if you can😊) and comment in the comment section. Let the author also know what you think as well. cheers...


The name itself intrested me, its such a unique book that I'm enjoying. The writer has done a great job, I'm looking forward to reading more.


This is too exciting and intriguing! I really like how the story unfolds, I hope to continue reading more stories by this author, great! [img = actualización]


More than anything, the title is what struck-ed me on this book. Amazingly written and beautifully explained each aspect of the characters. The characters and story is so hooking that it will keep you intrigued of what will happen next. Good work author!!


The synopsis is really catchy that will make you read the whole story. It is one of that extraordinary story that will make feel excited to what will happen next. Good job to the author! Kudos! can't wait to see the next update!


It's so good🔥🔥I'm really enjoying it and cannot wait to read more. This will definitely be my pleasure read🥺 great job author! I wish you all the best as you continue with this beautiful book❤️


The title of the book is unique and attracts the reader. The synopsis is descriptive and captivating. The storyline is interesting. Author did a great justice to the characters and the book is written so beautifully that you can feel every scene. Overall, I just can't stop reading. Fantabulous job!


I am so hooked to this book that I did not even wanted to leave half way....the book is so well written, the characters, the plotline are just well depicted and I loved the storyline and synopsis got me from the first made me curious....Amazing Book! Congrats Author


wow, what a great unique concept. I love how the first chapter does not give clues as to what will happen next. I can't wait to turn the page! what an exciting read.


The concept is nice. Story is very unique. Synopsis is very catchy and whoever will read the synopsis won't be able to stop themselves from reading more.


The concept, the plot, the story, everything is just so interesting and has a sense of uniqueness to it, i absolutely loved and enjoyed reading the story, it was fricking awesome! A worth read ❤️👌


I'm struck by just reading its synopsis and some other of its chapter. Very recommendable book I'm going to add this in my library for sure. Well done author can't wait to read more about the story😁😁😁


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