10 Rescuing Amanda

"Man, what I just said earlier was pretty embarrassing" Leo thought in shame as he sent every zombie flying with a street light pole he "picked" up earlier.

Leo then noticed Amanda and the woman beside her with shocked faces as they looked at him.

"Yes! Be at awe at my prowess" Leo thought as he took out the rifle from his back and started shooting at the remaining zombies around them.

"Mwahahaha! Die bit*hes and become my money!" as the system notifications rang within his mind.

"Ding! You have killed a Level 1 Zombie! Gains 3 Defender Coins!

"Ding! You have killed a Level 1 Zombie! Gains 3 Defender Coins!

"Ding! You have killed a Level 1 Zombie! Gains 3 Defender Coins!

"Ding! You have killed a Level 2 Zombie! Gains 5 Defender Coins!

"Ding! You have killed a Level 1 Zombie! Gains 3 Defender Coins!

"Ding! Level up! Gains 5 Free Stats!


After a few seconds, the shooting finally stopped.

Leo returned his rifle at his back and turned to the two people who's watching him awestruck.

"Hello there Amanda and your brave friend" Leo smiled within the helmet.

"Yo-you know me?" Amanda asked in puzzled tone.

"Of course, who wouldn't know a beautiful woman like you"

"But who's your brave friend here?" Leo looked at the beautiful red haired busty lady beside Amanda.

"I'm Michelle" she said.

"You are one brave woman and I thank you for helping Amanda" Leo made a bow towards Michelle.

Michelle just nodded but didn't say anything and then looked at Amanda with a gaze like she was asking 'Do you know this guy?'

Amanda just shook her head when she figured out what Michelle was currently thinking from the look she was giving her.

"So-sorry to ask, but do we know each other? We-well, I can't really figure who you are because, you know, your currently inside an Armor from that Halo movie I saw and I can't also recognize your voice" Amanda softly asked with a flustered look.

Amanda noticed that he wasn't answering but saw that he was making weird gestures like swiping and the likes on the air.

Leo closed the map and took out the rifle from his back and reloaded it and after that he surprisingly picked Amanda up with his other arm.

"Kyaa! What are you doing!?" yelled Amanda in shocked while she hastily brought her arms around Leo's neck.

"You've clearly sprained your ankle, that's why I'll be carrying you so make sure to hold onto me tightly" Leo said while at the same time shooting down some Zombies who got too closed to them.

"Do you have a car?" Leo turned to Michelle this time and asked.

"Yeah, my car's over that corner" Michelle nodded as she pointed at a street corner a few meters away.

"Okay, let's head over to your car" Leo said as he made Michelle run in front while watching her back to protect her while carrying Amanda.

As Leo followed Michelle, more Zombies got attracted to them because of the sounds of their hurried footsteps especially coming from the Halo Armor.

"The heck!? She likes this kind of a car!?" Leo exclaimed in thought when he saw Michelle getting on a RAM Rebel. He wanted to ask her why this 'car' but he figured it wasn't the best time right now so he threw the question to the back of his mind.

Leo hastily opened the door for the backseat and placed Amanda on it.

"Where are we going!?" Michelle inquired while she started her car.

Leo: "Head towards Amanda's place"

"At my mom's house!? Is she okay!?" Amanda suddenly raised her voice when she heard that they heading towards her house.

"Yes and yes" Leo casually answered and was just about to close the door when Michelle suddenly called out to him.


"What is it? "They" are already starting to crowd around us" Leo anxiously yelled as he noticed that he's running out of ammo already.

"Ca-can we stop by at my place? My parents are still there and -" Michelle wasn't able to finish what she was about to say when Leo cut her off.

"Is your place on the way?" Leo hastily said while he reloaded his last mag.


"Alright! Go! Go! Go!" Leo said while tapping the top of the car before jumping at the back but not before taking off his Armor fearing that the car won't be able to handle its weight.

The car rushed out and Leo took a couple of steps back because of the inertia.

Looking at the car getting dents and scratches as it runs over the Zombies that got on its way, Leo felt a stabbing pain on his heart. Man, such a nice car but now its being used like this, Leo thought with a bitter look.

* * * * *

The car stop in front of a huge 5 story apartment complex. Leo got down from the car wearing his Armor while shooting some wandering Zombies around.

Click! ~ Click! ~

"Dammit, no more bullets" Leo cursed and threw the gun on the ground.

Michelle also got down from the car and Amanda also got down but Leo immediately reprimanded her.

"Amanda, you should stay in the car"

"What?Why?" Amanda said in surprised tone.

Leo said: "Your injury will only slow us down".

"I can w- Fine!" Amanda pouted when she saw Leo's serious look when he took off his helmet and went back inside the car.

Leo then walked beside the window where Amanda is and tapped on it.

"What?" Amanda said in a raised voice as she pulled down the window.

"Sorry, you're safer here in the car, understand? Make sure to not make any noise so you won't attract them and don't let anyone inside no matter what happens, alright?" Leo gave his brightest smile towards her.

"Okay fine but be quick and don't do anything towards Michelle!" Amanda said blushing before hurriedly closed the car window. " I didn't expect he's actually handsome and manly" Amanda thought while blushing inside the car.

Looking at the two people, Michelle felt envious towards Amanda" She's lucky that someone she doesn't even know came to her rescue but that Armor his wearing is pretty serious. I wonder where he got that"

Leo then walked towards Michelle and said: "Nice place, huh?"

"Yeah but now, It isn't that nice" Michelle chuckled bitterly.

"Shall we go?" Michelle said.

"Wait a sec." Leo said as he jog towards the dead police officer he saw and took the Glock 22 from its holster and another additional magazine and then went back to Michelle.

"Here" Leo said as he handed the gun to Michelle.

"Huh?? Isn't better for you to use it" Michelle confusedly took the gun and asked.

"Get used to using one, you will need it in the future" Leo laughed a bit.

"You're right" Michelle agreed with him as she started getting her hand familiar with the gun.

"Let's go, what floor" Leo said as he went inside the elevator.

"5th floor" Michelle entered and pressed the button.

"Good thing this still works" Leo said while looking the number of floors they are passing.

"Get behind me first, we don't what might suddenly come out" Leo said as he again wore his helmet.

Michelle didn't say anything and got behind him as she raised her gun towards the front while looking tense as she sweated from nervous "Please be fine mom and dad" Michelle worriedly thought.

Ding! ~ The Elevator then opened as it reached the 5th floor.

Bang! ~

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