Strongest Warlock - Wizard World Irregular

Ethan accidentally rode the wrong train and ended up in Brynhildr Magical Academy where Wizards and Witches are taught on how to use Magic. As someone who didn't have any magic powers, he thought that he would be punished for being in a place where he wasn't supposed to be. Fortunately, due to a stroke of luck, the teenage boy managed to avoid the worst case scenario, and ended up staying in the Magic Academy to learn magic. Ridiculed by many for being magically crippled, Ethan strived to adapt to his new school life with the help of his new friends, who made him realize what True Magic was all about. --------- Support me in Patreon!

Elyon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
729 Chs

Seff’s Dinner Invitation

Several hours after Lilian and Cedric saw the fox lady in the Great Eagle Forest, Ethan found himself sitting at the dining table with Seff and his children.

He could vaguely remember that he was heading to the academy's dining hall when someone suddenly grabbed him and knocked him unconscious.

Since he was in the academy, he thought that he didn’t need to be on constant alert since his safety was guaranteed inside it.

But, that was a mistake.

When he regained consciousness, he was already tied to a chair, while Lyall was heaping meat dishes on his plate.

“Good. You’re finally awake,” Seff said casually. “We’ve been here for a few days, but you haven’t come to meet us even once. Since that's the case, I decided to invite you to join us for dinner.”

The corner of Ethan’s lips twitched after hearing Seff’s statement.

He wanted to complain and say that knocking someone unconscious and dragging them away was not the proper way to invite someone for dinner.