Strongest Warlock - Wizard World Irregular

Ethan accidentally rode the wrong train and ended up in Brynhildr Magical Academy where Wizards and Witches are taught on how to use Magic. As someone who didn't have any magic powers, he thought that he would be punished for being in a place where he wasn't supposed to be. Fortunately, due to a stroke of luck, the teenage boy managed to avoid the worst case scenario, and ended up staying in the Magic Academy to learn magic. Ridiculed by many for being magically crippled, Ethan strived to adapt to his new school life with the help of his new friends, who made him realize what True Magic was all about. --------- Support me in Patreon!

Elyon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
711 Chs

One Moment In Time [Part 2]

Ethan thought that it was a bad idea, so he made his opinion known to the two members of the peanut gallery.

‘Hello? I am not the real Tidebringer?’ Ethan countered. ‘I don’t think it’s good to take credit with someone else’s identity.’

‘It’s fine,’ Sebastian said. ‘That fellow is a happy go lucky guy. In fact, he might even laugh out loud if he returns here and sees that people are worshiping the Tidebringer, who doesn’t look like him.’

Sebastian didn’t say that he wanted to get back at his previous owner, who didn’t even bother to visit him in the City of Zentris for hundreds of years.

He believed that a little payback was in order, and what better way than to let the people worship Ethan, instead of the original Tidebringer?

The two tried their best to convince Ethan, but he remained firm that he didn’t want to do it.

However, he changed his mind when his Other Half said that he should do it for Princess Ramona, who planned to become the Saintess of the Religion.