333 Hook, Line, And Sinker

The men of the Oswald Family all stood on one side of the living room with their hands crossed over their chests.

All of them had frowns on their faces as they looked at the ladies of their house.

Irene, Briana, and Rhea were fawning over Ethan and asking him several questions like…

“How did you meet Luna?”

“Who made the first move?”

“What do the two of you usually do together in the academy?”

There were more similar questions, and Ethan answered all of them truthfully.

Once the three ladies were done asking him questions, he brought out the gifts he prepared, which made the three ladies have a better impression of him.

Aside from the chocolates, Ethan gave them different accessories that he had carefully selected for each of them with Luna’s help.

Ethan gave Luna’s Grandmother a Jade Bracelet, which was said to improve health and blood circulation.


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