330 His And Everyone’s Circumstances

“He left?” Conall asked with a dumbfounded expression on his face. “He’s not in the academy?”

“Yes,” Lily replied. “He went home to see his family. Why? Is there something wrong with that?”

“… Didn’t you tell him that he’s supposed to spend his Winter Break with our family?” Lyall asked in a disappointed tone. “I want everyone to meet him.”

“Oh. I forgot.” Lily smiled. “I’ve been rather forgetful these days. Must be the cold weather.”

Conall clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction. He originally wanted to have a rematch with Ethan in their territory, but it seems that he had to put this matter on hold.

He wasn’t stupid.

It was obvious that Lily was protecting her lover from their family.

There was only one problem.

Their father and mothers were expecting to see him with Lily when they returned to their home.

“You deal with Father’s tantrum later.” Conall sighed. “I’m washing my hands on this matter.”


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