335 A Wild Goose Chase

Half an hour before midnight, the Oswald Residence was as quiet as it could be.

All the lights were out, and everyone was peacefully asleep in their rooms.

At least, that was how things were supposed to be.

Four people quietly left their rooms and went to their respective positions.

Bruce and Erik stood in front of Ethan’s door, while Philip and Dennis hovered just outside of Ethan’s window using their flying broomsticks.

Part of their plan was to ensure that their target wouldn’t be able to flee, so they made sure that all possible escape routes were covered.

Bruce lightly tapped the handle of Ethan’s door, unlocking it silently.

After making sure that the spell did its work, he lightly turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

Once he and Erik managed to get inside the room, both of them glanced at each other before raising their hands at the same time.



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