Strongest Villain: Starting from Stealing Protagnoist's Sister

Chu Feng transmigrated into the world of a novel where he was destined to die. But with prior knowledge of the plot, he held onto the empress's thighs and became her trusted confidant. He dismantled families who opposed the empress and ultimately brought ruin upon the protagonist's household. He imprisoned Lu Chen's parents and captured his older sister. "Lu Qingxue, your parents are in jail, awaiting execution next week. Your brother is safe since he isn't in this city," he informed her. "I...I'll do anything. Just please don't harm them," she replied, speaking with a soft, barely audible voice. "Is that so?" he questioned, comfortably sitting on the bed with his legs crossed. "Show me your dedication." "Yes," she answered with teary eyes, nervously approaching Chu Feng. She removed her white dress, exposing her flawless skin. Lu Qingxue showed her dedication thoroughly. Tag: Blackmail, forced, R*pe, MC ntring others, loli, master-disciple, etc.

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Chapter 25: Chang Rui

"Legendary Book of the Future?" Chu Feng was excited about the rewards and couldn't wait to see them.

He threw Lu Muyue to the ground and called the maids to throw her and Lu Qingxue onto a bed. He sat at the wide table in the room and glanced at Lu Chen's corpse without any change in his expression.

He then stared at his system screen for more information on some of the items.

[Skill Upgrade Card: Can upgrade the level of any skill you own.]

[Legendary Mystic Dragon Sword: A sword made from the bones of a Mighty Dragon, forged by the greatest Dwarf forger, and enchanted by the greatest enchanter of the Elf. It has enough durability and sharpness to cut through the bones of an Ancient Dragon.]

[Heaven Destroying Fist: A technique that has 9 moves but 1 stance. Deadly, consumes less energy, and is the mightiest Quasi-Immortal fist technique.]

[Legendary Book of the Future: Once a new protagonist appears, this book will record the protagonist's journey of the future in the format of a web novel. Only available to those who suck in 100% luck points and fortune of the protagonist.]

"Hmm, not bad!" Chu Feng was most excited about the last reward.

A reward that can see the future. The biggest advantage in a battle is knowing your enemy's moves.

Knowing the protagonist's future can provide him with enough opportunity to plan against him and steal his chance to shine.


Other rewards, not bad. His strength has increased by a lot.

He sensed his King's Sigil, which was more solid and brighter than before!

He has broken through to the mid-stage of this realm!

The speed was naturally fast!

Too fast, to be honest.

Some people with average talents can't even slightly improve in their realm after hundreds of years.

Even geniuses take years to make some improvement and achieve a breakthrough.

But he, in just a few weeks, gained a breakthrough.

As expected of dual cultivation!

A pleasurable and fast way to gain improvement in cultivation.

He peered into his King's Sigil and found a small mark. A white mark was formed on his King's Sigil, which was also attached to his heart.

He could feel a faint connection with Xia Lingshui and could sense her location.

Now that their lives are connected, he needs to be careful with her.

Well, it's not that bad as Xia Lingshui also values her life.

The reason why he dared to do this was because of the benefits. He broke through in one go just because of fucking her.

Establishing a connection with her granted him a large amount of energy that helped him break through without any effort!

As long as they both have sex frequently, he could improve in cultivation much faster than anyone else in the world.

If he only had sex with Lu Muyue and Lu Qingxue, it would take over 10 years to break through to Martial Emperor through Dual Cultivation. But, if he also slept with Xia Lingshui, the time would be shortened by half. Meaning, he could break through to Martial Emperor in just 2-3 years through dual cultivation with them.

And having intercourse with her feels so good that kings would rather bet their entire throne than give her to someone else.

In a sense, she's a woman who can overthrow an entire dynasty. Of course, if the dynasty is ruled by men and not by women.

"Which skill should I upgrade?"

He looked at his interface.

[Host: Chu Feng]

[Identity: Trusted confidant of the Empress, notorious dandy prince of the Capital City, expert at sex, soulmate of Martial Emperor, the man who equally dominates the weak and strong]

[Hidden Identity: Big Villain (killed 1 MC)]

[Villain Points: 2,778,000]

[Luck Points: 0 (Reset once MC is dealt with)]



[Cultivation Realm: Martial King (Mid Realm)]

[Physique: Yin Yang Holy Body of Creation]

[Cultivation Techniques: Yin Yang Divine Techniques (Quasi Immortal)]

[Martial Arts: Supreme Buddha Palm, Light Foot Technique, Hundred Sword Attack, Heaven Destroying Fist]

[System Items: Skill Upgrade Card (X1), Legendary Book of Future, Legendary Mystic Dragon Sword]

[Skills: Illusion Dispelling Eyes, Desire-Stimulating Touch]

2 Million Villain Points!

Chu Feng's eyes glimmered in the light. He then glanced at the Desire-Stimulating Touch and chose to upgrade it.

[Ding! Upgraded Desire-Stimulating Touch!]

[New Effect: Activation of this skill and touching any woman would make them feel irresistible horniness. They will yearn for your touch and will be tainted for life. Each touch will make them feel unbearable pleasure.]

"Not bad." The new effects were just upgraded versions of the previous effects.

"Now, let's see if I can use this book of the future."

[The Legendary Book of the Future can only be used when a new protagonist arrives. No new protagonist has arrived in this world currently. Please try again later.]

Chu Feng sighed in disappointment. He got up and walked to another room where another woman was currently imprisoned.

Chang Rui was erotically bound in a wooden frame. Her hands were bound by chains and her body was tied with rope.

Her arms, petite body, waist, and hips were tied. The rope slipped through her legs and tightened around her slit and seeped through her butt cheeks.

The rope was then moved above, covering her two pointy nipples with a slight force. The rope was bound in a way that wasn't too tight nor too loose.

The heml of the rope was on the ground. Once pulled, the rope around her body would tighten and intensely rub against various intimate parts of her body.

Chu Feng sat on the chair that was placed in the cold, dark room and grabbed the hemp of the rope. Pulling it slightly, Chang Rui trembled and opened her eyes.

"You..." she said softly. "I will do anything. Please... let me go..." she begged with a coquettish voice.

"Nope~" Chu Feng replied with a teasing smile on his face. "I wish to know something first. Then I will let you go."


"On whose order were you planning on killing me?"

"No one! I wanted to kill you for my sister's revenge!" she said, gritting her teeth slightly.

"Your sister... Zhou Weye."

"You know!"

"Of course, how can I forget that cutie?"

Zhou Weye, from the Zhou family, was closely related to the Chu family. Zhou Weye and Chu Feng were childhood friends.

She was a cutie, and her parents were not bad. However, she died unfortunate at such a tender age; otherwise, she could have also been the one warming his bed.


"You!" she gritted her teeth. "You were the reason for her death! She committed suicide because of you!"

"Nah," Chu Feng denied. "She was raped by her own father. And to escape from his crime, he chose to frame me due to my previously notorious reputation."

"No way!" Her eyes widened. "That's not possible! Why would he..."

"You think she was his legitimate daughter. Hahaha..."

Zhou Wen was a middle-aged man who, along with his whole family, was captured by Chu Feng and sent to prison for life.

Zhou Wen was a cunning, perverted man.

"He adopted you, and also adopted her, but he made both of you look like his biological daughters in the whole world. He has many lovers, and he mainly likes to prey on kids."

Similar to Zhou Weye, Chang Rui was brutally raped by her own father at the tender age of reaching double digits.

Then she found her identity, and after a few weeks of staying together and being ravaged by that perverted guy, she finally escaped from that hell.

Then she joined a small sect.


She was taken directly as a disciple of a sect elder and then became his daily bed warmer."

Then she was gifted to another sect leader due to her beauty.

In a word…

She has been used as a toy and plaything by many men. So she is in no way near pure. But she has a cute face and a nice body.

So she could survive in one way or another.

"Now, tell me, who told you to kill me?" Chang Rui did want to take revenge on both her so-called father and Chu Feng, who caused her little sister to die.

She loved Zhou Weye the most and treated her like her biological sister. They both played with each other in the mansion as they were generally not allowed to go out.

But despite the love, Chang Rui, who has seen the adult world from a very young age, won't casually bet her life on such revenge when she doesn't even have an ounce of freedom.

"This..." Chang Rui contemplated.

"You think I will lie to you. I have no reason to do that. I can fuck you in any way I want, can kill you, or even sell you to some prostitutes. You have no freedom just like in your sect." He closed his eyes and pulled the rope, hearing her sensual and muffled moans like music.

"So, do you want to have freedom? Freedom is something you don't get as a gift. I can give you freedom, power, and status in this city. Be my slave and serve me. In return, I will help you destroy every sect you have hatred with." He stated simply.

"Ok..." Chang Rui gave up.

What she most wished was freedom, which in her 18 years of life, she has never gotten.

"The one who instructed me to attack you and even sent those Martial Kings, as well as asked me to recruit Lu Chen, is the Minister of National Treasury, Wu Yang."


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