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Translation from Faloo ---- Traveling to the world of one piece, El found that he had become a baby, and there was no such thing as Golden Finger. But when he grew up, he found that he didn't need Golden Finger at all, because his own body was his own Golden Finger. As soon as he was born, he awakened Observation Haki. At the age of three, you can practice swordsmanship, and at the age of five, you can listen to the voice of all things. If Charlotte Linlin is a "natural destroyer", then El is a "natural swordsman". -------- supports me at https://www.patreon.com/Dreamfiction -------- https : // b.faloo.com/1121356.html Current Chapter 147

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Chapter 97: Three-Year Retreat Begin

Three days later, after Less than a week the Pegasus returned to its birthplace and moored into port.

The five got off the boat and went shopping on Center Street, they just went on a shopping spree a few days ago, and don't really lack anything.

But they are about to retreat. The next time they come to the water 7, it will be three years later and Perona, who just joined, has nothing but clothes and shoes.

In order to take care of the newest crew member who is the oldest in the fleet, but looks like the youngest, Carina and Nami dragged Perona to the clothing store in Water 7 and customized various styles of four-season clothes for her, then match her clothes with bags and shoes, jewelry, etc.

The pirates who were hunted wildly in the Water 7 a while ago and emptied the "Gecko Pirates' treasury, make them not short of money now.

Under the money offense of Carina and Nami, Perona, who has never been so extravagant, was dazed the whole time, like a doll at the mercy of the two girls.

It took a few days to customize clothes, so they stayed in the Water 7 for a while.

Taking advantage of this time, El was thinking about which place to choose as the place for their retreat.

Soon, El found himself that There was no choice at all.

First of all, the reason why they retreated and practiced was in order not to give Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters chance to plan an ambush to eliminate them in advance.

Then, they must become strong enough in the next three years,

This power must be, in the face of a real powerhouse even if they can't beat them, they can definitely escape.

Moreover, El and the four girls, who were still in their infancy, would absolutely not be able to do it without the help of the nutritional supplement if they wanted to reach that level of strength in the next three years.

Three years of nutritional supplement, the required medicinal herbs, and Belly is undoubtedly an astronomical sum.

Belly's side is still easy to solve, at least El and the four girls still have the City of gold on the sky island.

However, it is very difficult to find medicinal herbs for nutritional supplements.

Those who can provide these medicinal materials to El and the four girls must be from a large pharmacy on a prosperous island or a black market where they can buy everything.

In addition to the black market, some pharmacies on some prosperous islands did not even sell some medicinal herbs.

And the only place that can provide all the medicinal materials to El is the Drum Island.

That is to say, El and the four girls could only choose an island around the Drum Island for their retreat.

Otherwise, after their nutritional supplement runs out, there's nowhere to buy medicine herbs.

"Nii-san, what are you thinking about?"

Seeing El's brows furrowed, Carina, who was lying beside him reading a magazine, asked curiously.

"I have already selected a place for our retreat, but..."

El came back to his senses and said slowly: "Before we go to that place, we have to go back to the sky island and take some gold."


Nami immediately raised her hands and cheered.

"Is the sky island floating in the air really exist?" Perona next to her asks with wide eyes.

"Hehehe the Sky Island is not only real but also the city of gold in the fairy tale is also real."

Nami patted Perona's shoulders and said with a smile, "The city of gold is on sky island, the gold decorations in our cabin are made by Carina using her devil fruit ability also came from there."

"It's incredible."

Perona's face show an awestruck look with a bit of longing, then she asked: "Then what method can we use to go to the legendary sky island?"

Hearing Perona's word, Nami looks at El and also asks."Yeah, Nii-san what method are we going to use to get to the island this time?"

Carina looked at El next to her and questioned: "Do you want to go back to the little garden again to catch one pterosaur?"

"It doesn't need to be so troublesome."

El shook his head and said: "When I was shopping for daily necessities on Jaya Island, I secretly read the memories of the local people around. There will be a Knock Up Stream every year and the seawater will rise into the sky and reach 10,000 meters above the sea."

"One of the sky islands was sent into the air by the Knock Up Stream hundreds of years ago."

"And this year's Knock Up Stream, we were just in time."

After finishing speaking, the corners of El's mouth rose slightly and he said, "So this time, we will use a more stimulating method, and experience the joy of adventure!"

Looking at El with a wicked look on his face, the four girls who didn't know the horror of the Knock Up Stream, suddenly had an ominous premonition.

Half-month later, when El and the four girls received the custom-made clothes for Perona from the clothing store, they sail the Pegasus to Jaya Island, successfully catching up with this year's Knock Up Stream.

Kuina, Carina, and Nami seem to return to last year when their group just entered the grand line and experienced the feeling that was no less than Reverse Mountain and even beyond it.

Perona, who just joined, completely passed out. If El hadn't hugged her in time, Perona, who passed out, would have fallen from the ship.

After the ship reached the White Sea, except for El, the faces of the four girls were all pale and it took a long time for them to recover.

Then, including Kuina, the small faces of the four girls were slightly bulging, and they looked at El with resentment. In this regard, El once again revealed the evil smile half a month ago.

Seeing this scene, Carina and Nami rushed over and performed their innate moves on El.

After experiencing the excitement of the Knock Up Stream, the next voyage of El and the four girls went very smoothly.

They successfully passed through the gate of heaven, and with the help of the jet dials, they sent the Pegasus to the White-White Sea which is 10,000 meters above the sea.

Immediately afterward, El and the four girls sailed the Pegasus to the upper yard Under Perona's amazed expression and they took her to the ruins full of gold.

Using the ability of Munch-Munch Fruit, Carina ate a large amount of gold this time, turning this large amount of gold into a Belly at this time it will at least amount to 100 billion Belly.

with 300 billion Belly you can buy a small kingdom, and 100 billion Belly doesn't seem to be too much.

After taking away a large amount of gold, El and the four girls returned to Angel Island and bought Perona a waver, as well as some Sky Island specialties.

After doing these, El and the four girls have nothing left to do on the sky island and leave with the use of octopus balloon.

Another half month passed, and El and the four girls returned to Drum Island again.

After going ashore, El and the four girls carried out a real shopping spree.

Not only the largest pharmacy, but also other small pharmacies, and even the hospital, the medicinal herbs that can be used to make the nutritional supplement were all bought and filled a double-digit super large backpacks.

After buying all these medicinal herbs, El reached a three-year long-term deal with the largest pharmacy.

They are responsible for stocking and delivering medicinal herbs to El and he just needs to give them an address on the den Mushi Mushi.

After eating the double-digit backpack into Munch-Munch Space, El and the four girls went to the local weapons store and bought all the ordinary swords.

After buying these things, El and the four girls started looking for the island closest to Drum Island.

In fact, the most suitable place for El and the four girls is actually the little garden, However, El was afraid of the poisonous insects in it, and did not plan to choose the little garden as the place.

Soon, El and the four girls found an uninhabited island not far from Drum Island.

This uninhabited island is very close to Drum Island because the Log pose is completely inferior to Drum Island, it was abandoned and the Drum Island became the island that the ship must pass through.

Just like the small islands near the Water 7, the Log pose is completely abused by the Water 7 and almost looks like they do not belong to the same route.

Because it is not necessary to pass through, those islands were not developed, and most of them are uninhabited islands.

After landing on the island, the three-year retreat of El and the four girls has officially begun!


The White Sea is the lower part of the sky ocean, located 7000 meters above the Blue Sea.

The White-White Sea is the upper part of the sky ocean. It is located 10,000 meters above the Blue Sea.