221 Chapter 214: El's Birthday

For the following days, El took Carina and the other girls on an adventurous trip in North Blue as he did in East Blue, and every time he has free time, he takes advantage of this opportunity to enter Asura form with Carina and Violet to find Law trails.

When he occasionally receives a call from the New World, he will temporarily put aside his business and return to the City in the sky with the three girls, and then return the next day or a few days later.

Nami and the other girls also have become accustomed to his disappearance and leaving the team from time to time.

Aside from Nami and Kuina who first followed him and as well Perona and Robin, no one apart from them know what El was doing, they only knew that El was using Violet's clairvoyance ability to look for something.

As time continues to flow, on the Sea Circle Calendar it will be March 1, 1516, soon.

El's birthday is the second of February and at that time, he held a grand banquet.

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Just as his strength continues to change each year, after reaching fourteen years old, his body developed in advance thanks to drinking nutrient solutions every day, so at this time, he can do a lot of things he doesn't previously do.

Although he has not done the final step yet, however after the banquet, he is no longer restraining himself toward Carina and the other girls but he is more excessive.

Especially after training every day, he would go to the bathroom with Carina and the other girls to wash and take bath together.

As he has no experience in his previous life and he can only look with his eyes, he wants to satisfy his previous and current life desire, making the atmosphere in the big bathroom become weirder.

It's so weird that if Shirahoshi accidentally breaks in, or she secretly looks, Shirahoshi whose heart is like a blank sheet of paper will definitely pass out with a red face, just like Hinata on Naruto.

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Maybe the world also gave El a birthday present, after his birthday, his luck ushers a new transformation.

He thought it would take more than half a year, or even a year to find his target, he did not expect that he will find him on the tenth day of March.

"Finally found you!"

Putting down his hands in the OK gesture, El pointed in one direction and said slowly. "Carina, look in this direction with clairvoyance, there is an island full of ice and snow that is about one thousand kilometers away from us, on that island, there's a yellow submarine moored on the coast with a pirate flag of a smiling face on it."

"Nii-san, is that our goal?" Following El's instructions, Carina soon found the island and the yellow submarine.

"Yes, that's our goal."

El nodded and then asked Carina to release Asura's form before asking them to find Nojiko.

El couldn't find Law originally, after all, finding someone on a snowy island of ice and snow, even if El has Violet's clairvoyance ability, it will still be difficult to find someone, however, he did not expect that Law had already established the Hearts Pirates this time and he also has the yellow submarine.

Maybe it's the world will!

Before the next son of destiny goes to the sea, El who is currently the favorite child, his luck is far better than Law, who will play an important role in the future.

So when he started spending months looking for Law, the world will also silently help him.

After Carina found Nojiko and entered the Asura form, she open a door leading to the inner world and another door directly to the other island which is more than one thousand kilometers away.

After appearing on the coast where the yellow submarine was, El told Carina about Law's appearance.

Using Violet's clairvoyance ability, Carina quickly found Law's location.

"Very well, wait here for me..." El gave a wink to Carina and then his figure disappeared out of thin air in front of the three girls' eyes.

Carina, who understood the meaning of El's eyes, immediately lifted the Asura form.

Although Carina, Kuina, Perona, and Robin as well as Violet and Monet who were hostages and spies, are no longer Kind-hearted and innocent people.

However, Yamato, Shirahoshi, and Tama, as well as Tashigi and Nojiko who joined late last year, are still Kind-hearted and innocent people.

Before there was no way to keep Carina and the other girls as Kind-hearted and innocent people, but now, he has the power to protect them, so he will protect them and let them remain Kind-hearted and innocent people.

Usually, when he does something bad, El will deliberately avoid these Kind-hearted and innocent people so as not to influence them.

Although this kind of behavior is a bit superfluous, it is El's attitude that makes Carina and the other girls love him even more.

To avoid Nojiko being curious about what El was going to do and using Violet's clairvoyance ability to peek at El's next actions, Carina simply lifted the Asura form, and Nojiko did not say anything, because, at this time, her eyes were attracted by the yellow submarine of the Heart Pirates in front of her.

The technology tree in this world is very developed, it is clearly still in the era of sailing, but it already has cloning technology and various high-tech.

But this high technology for ordinary people is a very difficult thing to see.

Especially Nojiko from Cocoyashi Village in the East Blue which is the weakest and most peaceful sea.

Seeing that Nojiko was full of curiosity, but embarrassed to take a closer look, Carina directly held her little hand and use Shave (Soru) and Moonwalk (Geppo) to board the Yellow Submarine while Violet also silently follows.

Just when the three girls boarded the submarine, El had also found Trafalgar Law, one of the Worst Generations in the manga, whose full name is Trafalgar D. Water Law,.

At the same time, Law is also the second member of the Worst Generation, as for the first one, it's Capone Bege on the West Blue.

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