Strongest Swordsman In One Piece

Translation from Faloo ---- Traveling to the world of one piece, El found that he had become a baby, and there was no such thing as Golden Finger. But when he grew up, he found that he didn't need Golden Finger at all, because his own body was his own Golden Finger. As soon as he was born, he awakened Observation Haki. At the age of three, you can practice swordsmanship, and at the age of five, you can listen to the voice of all things. If Charlotte Linlin is a "natural destroyer", then El is a "natural swordsman". -------- supports me at https://www.patreon.com/Dreamfiction -------- https : // b.faloo.com/1121356.html Current Chapter 147

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Chapter 129: To New World

"Wow... The total bounty of six of us is as high as 2,223,000,000 Belly!"

At the altitude of seven thousand meters, Nami held the World Economic News Paper and looked amazed at the four bounties published as the headlines on the second news edition.

"I just used the Negative Hollow to knock down a few CP agents and my first bounty actually reached 120 million Belly!"

Looking at her picture in ghost form and the bounty on nine figures, Perona smacked her tongue slightly.

"It's because you knock them down with just one move, that's people who have undergone rigorous training and brainwashing, so they give you such high bounty."

"I see…"

Perona, who still doesn't know how broken her fruit ability was, nodded slightly.

"The Navy has created a special bounty and the purpose should be to let the people all over the world know our weakness, and also let those big forces kill us in advance before we grow up."

Carina, who was sitting on the cradle, looked at El, who was polishing his sword not far away, he didn't seem to care about being famous all over the world then she said solemnly while looking at him.

"Nii-san, do we retreat for three years? like before, keep a low profile for a while, then enter the new world once we're older?"


El put down the whetstone in his hand, then shook his head, and smiled confidently.

"Since we can't go to Fishman Island, for the time being, let's enter the new world openly and announce our arrival in the strongest sea!"

"Nii-san, what are you going to do?"

Carina and Nami looked at each other, then moved to El's left and right side in very tacit understanding, and asked with a smile while holding his arm.

"The New World is not the same as the first half of the grand line."

Then El continues to say slowly. "If the pirates in Paradise are traveling the seven routes in an adventurous way, then the few pirates who arrive in the new world are those who want to conquer the world."

"Even if they only want to take risks and search for the legendary treasure, they will eventually be inseparable from the world domination."

Because only by assembling the four pieces of Road Poneglyphs and finding someone who can read ancient texts, can you get the way to the final island, Laugh Tale.

If you want to collect the four pieces of Road Poneglyphs, you must fight with the emperors of the sea. Of course, these words, El's only said it into his heart.

"So, unless we don't enter the new world, but once we do, we must compete with those pirates for a piece of cake in the new world."

"The cake on the new world has almost been divided by the three emperors of the sea and some big pirate groups."

"The remaining islands that have not been occupied by pirates are either lacking in resources, uninhabited islands with harsh climates that are not suitable for development or as base camps, or it's parts of affiliated countries under the navy and Mary Geoise."

"The islands with relatively good resources have basically been occupied by the major forces on the New World."

"If we want to take those people's cake, we have to go to war with them, then there may be a series of chain reactions."

With a slight pause, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, then he continued. "If there is no choice, I don't mind doing something in line with the identity of a pirate and compete with those colleagues."

"But we have a better choice, before Shiki's death, he left us a large inheritance."

After hearing El's words, Carina and Nami's beautiful eyes suddenly widened slightly, "Nii-san, what do you mean?

El looked at them then grinned slightly. "Next, it's time to start the Sky City plan."

El, who can't use a low profile, simply chooses a high profile method.

Almost as soon as El told his decision to the five girls, the Pegasus, which was traveling slowly on the white sea, suddenly floated up and flew towards the sky islands left by Shiki.

In the afternoon on the same day, Pegasus arrived at the archipelago, then the ship slowly land on the ground.

Soon El found Dr. Indigo who was let go by him last year and could not leave the sky island.

After reading Dr. Indigo's memory forcefully, El asked him to exert his last value and summon the residents on other sky islands in the name of Shiki.

Since there are only a few people on the island and the archipelago has been floating on the White Sea, not many people know about the death of Shiki.

On other islands, the humans who were kidnapped by Shiki did not know that the great pirate who ruled them died as early as last year.

Out of fear for Shiki, all the residents were soon gathered by Dr. Indigo on a small island, then El manipulated the White Sea, which was not far away, and used the ability of the Float-Float Fruit to create a large hole that is enough for the small island to pass through and slowly descent at the sea.

At the same time, in the name of Shiki's command, Dr. Indigo release the residents who had been imprisoned for an unknown year, among them, it included himself!

In addition to the Oto and Kogarashi that were taken by El, the corpse of Shiki is also on that small island.

Although these inhabitants can be used as laborers, El does not intend to continue to rule over them like Shiki.

Aside from the small island that leaves, the main island still has five sky islands surrounding it, composed of one medium-sized island and four small islands.

Next, El takes control of the other islands one by one, then the six sky islands that had been floating on the White Sea for an unknown year break away from the white sea and slowly flew in the direction of the new world.