Strongest Swordsman In One Piece

Translation from Faloo ---- Traveling to the world of one piece, El found that he had become a baby, and there was no such thing as Golden Finger. But when he grew up, he found that he didn't need Golden Finger at all, because his own body was his own Golden Finger. As soon as he was born, he awakened Observation Haki. At the age of three, you can practice swordsmanship, and at the age of five, you can listen to the voice of all things. If Charlotte Linlin is a "natural destroyer", then El is a "natural swordsman". -------- supports me at https://www.patreon.com/Dreamfiction -------- https : // b.faloo.com/1121356.html Current Chapter 147

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Chapter 100: Favorite Devil Fruit

"Yes! the long training, it's finally over!"

On the deck of the Pegasus, El and the four girls who had lunch were either sitting on rocking chairs, on swings, or standing on the side of the ship feeling the blow of the sea breeze.

Nami, who was in charge of the helm, stretched her waist while looking at the deserted piece of Island they destroyed and waved goodbye.

"Goodbye, uninhabited island, we'll come back to see you when we have a chance in the future"

After finishing speaking, Nami pressed a button and the anchor automatically retracted.

As the canvas unfolded, the Pegasus departed from the island where it had been moored for three years and began a new adventure.

"Nii-san, where are we going next?

Carina, whose body has become bumpy, habitually threw herself into El's arms, raised her head, and asked with a smile: "Next stop, we are going to roam the sea and challenge heroes from all walks of life, and become the world's strongest swordsman" However, El's answer was beyond Carina's expectations.

"Three years ago, because I was still very weak, I didn't even dare to take you to Sabaody Archipelago, I am afraid that we will be caught in an ambush and be calculated by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters."

"After three years later, our progress is evident to all, and the suspected ambush and calculation by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters have become insignificant."

"So next I want to see how far I go."

"And...it's also time to grab my favorite Devil Fruit!"


El is about to complete the most important part of his "Supreme Plan 1.0" and capture his favorite Devil Fruit.

To be precise, the reason why El did not take the four girls to the Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the first half of the grand line, then coated the ship to enter the fish-man island, and entered the new world from the fish-man island, was for his favorite Devil Fruit.

Because his favorite devil fruit is in the first half of the grand line.

At the same time, the reason why El would take the four girls to retreat and practice for three years is that his favorite Devil Fruit already has a user.

Its host, El from three years ago is far from its opponent.

After three years of seclusion, his strength has improved tremendously, and after he mastered Emissions he has the confidence to challenge the opponent and get the opponent's Devil Fruit.

Favorite Devil Fruit? Hearing El's words, four girls were slightly stunned.

Kuina was the first to react and she said slowly: "Speaking of which, you once told me in Cocoyasi Village that if your favorite Devil Fruit appears in front of you, your choice is to eat it, I still don't know, what is your favorite devil fruit?"

Carina nodded and then further guessed "First of all, it can be ruled out that it is the Logia-type. After all, Nii-san doesn't even want the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, which is the strongest Logia-type devil fruit, and gave it to Sister Kuina."

"And when I ate the Munch-Munch Fruit, Nii-san, you said that my devil fruit ability is related to the speculation of yours."

"That speculation is whether the Munch-Munch Space can capture the Devil Fruit."

"Now that the speculation has been confirmed, if I'm not mistaken, Nii-san, your favorite Devil Fruit should be either the Zoan-type or Paramecia-type, and it has been eaten by someone, right?"

"Amazing, as expected of you!"

El looked at Carina blankly, then couldn't help pinching her little face, nodded with a smile, and said frankly: "Yes, just like Carina guesses, my favorite Devil Fruit is Paramecia-type devil fruit and its full name is - Float-Float Fruit"

"Paramecia-type, Float-Float Fruit?"

Because they had not read the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, the four girls tilted their heads and look in confusion.

"Float-Float... It should be able to float up...a flying devil fruit?" Carina wondered and ask.


El nodded again and said slowly: "Float-Float Fruit is the same as yours Carina, a Paramecia-type devil fruit and ranks at the top and even qualified to compete for the strongest Paramecia-type devil fruit."

"Float-Float, as the name suggests, it can not only make the person with the ability float up but also let the user float up any object he touches."

"This object can be as small as a chopstick or as big as an island, and it can make them float."

"The power of this devil fruit is that when the object is floated, it will be based on the weight of the object and consume the stamina of the user, however, once the object is successfully floated, then this floating state can almost last forever..."

"Unless the user withdraws their ability, or the user loses their consciousness, only then can the floating state of these objects disappear."

"What an outrageous ability!"

After listening to El's words, the four girls were all stunned for a while.

In their eyes, the Munch-Munch Fruit, who can capture the Devil Fruit, is already outrageous enough.

The comprehensive nature of Rumble-Rumble Fruit and the Hollow-Hollow Fruit rule type ability is already outrageous enough!

But compared with the Float-Float Fruit, which can make itself fly, and permanently float any object, it is not worth mentioning at all.

Especially Carina, the first time she thought, is the Float-Float Fruit's most terrifying strategic ability.

She couldn't help but sucked in a breath of cold air and said in a trembling voice: "That is to say, a person with the ability of Float-Float Fruit can lift an island, or even several islands, and smash it on their enemy?"


Following Carina's vivid description, the three girls, who had not yet reacted, took a breath.

"Then...If Nii-san eats this Devil Fruit, wouldn't he be invincible?" Nami's voice trembled, but her face was full of excitement.


El first gave Carina a thumbs up, then grinned and said, "As long as I become the Float-Float Fruit user, plus Kuina's Rumble-Rumble Fruit, we will be unrivaled."


Nami cheered and shouted excitedly: "Where is this Devil Fruit? Let's find it now!"

"Nii-san such a powerful devil fruit, its user must be strong!"

Carina said with certainty in her tone "With such a powerful devil fruit ability, its user must be a strong pirate!"


El nodded and said: "The current host of the Float-Float Fruit, is one of the four legendary pirates in the last era, and is on equal footing with "Pirate King " Gol D. Roger, "the strongest man in the world", Edward Newgate, "Red the Aloof" Patrick Redfield - "The Golden Lion" Shiki!

the four girls fell into a moment of silence, while they may not hear some of the names, however, that doesn't prevent them from knowing that standing on equal footing with "Pirate King " Gol D. Roger and "the strongest man in the world", Edward Newgate, show just how strong that two people must be.

Thinking of this, Carina said with a wry smile: "with a reputation like that, can we beat him...?".

"I'm not sure either, I won't know until I try."

El grinned again and said, "Even if I can't beat it, it's fine. If I lose, you will eat Kuina and come over then eat me, and we will use the speed of Rumble-Rumble Fruit to escape, and challenge him again later when I'm strong enough to win."

"Good idea!" Hearing this, Carina's eyes suddenly lit up.

Nami looked puzzled and said: "Since the other party can make the island float, his base camp is very likely in the air, can we find his position?"

El smiled meaningfully: "I'm sure I can find his position."

"It's just that we need to return to the little garden and catch another pterosaur."

El, Carina, and Kuina began to formulate a plan to capture the Float-Float Fruit.

The Paramecia type, Float-Float Fruit, is one of El's favorite strategic-level devil fruits.

In addition to the Munch-Munch Fruit and Rumble-Rumble Fruit, the two other strategic devil fruit that El also knows are the Float-Float Fruit and More-More Fruit.

The ability of the Float-Float Fruit no longer needs to be said.

The ability of the Paramecia type More-More Fruit is to magnify the speed, strength, volume, weight, etc. of the objects it comes into contact with, up to 100 times.

If you make a special giant cannon, use the ability of the More-More Fruit to magnify it a hundred times, and a single cannonball can destroy an island, which is comparable to the pluton.

As for the Paramecia type More-More Fruit user, Byrnndi World, known as "World Destroyer", is now on the sixth floor of the Impel Down, the eternal hell.

However, compared to the More-More Fruit, El prefers the Float-Float Fruit.

Those who eat devil fruit will be afraid of seawater, it's equal to giving up the advantage of the sea.

Since he chooses to give up the advantage of the sea, El will gain another advantage, that is, the advantage in the sky.