32 Behind the rain curtain

As Jun arrived home, a small Pokemon greeted him with a cry and welcomed him with its head


The creature stood about as tall as Jun's calf, and it rushed towards him, causing him to startle. Reacting quickly, Jun sidestepped, causing the Pokemon, Bagon - to trip and tumble to the ground.


Jun was taken aback, and he rushed over to Bagon's side to lift it up. The two looked at each other, with Bagon's big round eyes shifting between Jun and his Eevee.

Bagon's mouth curled slightly, and tears threatened to spill from its eyes.

Jun quickly coaxed Bagon with some Moomoo milk and stroked its head. He also gave Eevee a sip of the milk.

'Where's aunt? why Bagon was here alone?' Jun puzzled and hugged up Bagon and Eeve and went inside his house


That night, inside a special room at the Vermillion Pokemon Center, Lapras lay silently in a test tube filled with liquid containing medicinal herbs and other ingredients.

Its eyes were dull, and it tensed up whenever someone passed by.

Jun, his aunt, and Nurse Joy watched Lapras from outside, letting it recuperate in peace.

"It's good you rescued Lapras in time. If you had been any later, the poison could have permanently damaged its nervous system. Since Lapras is still not an adult, its antibodies haven't fully developed and can't contain all the poison," Nurse Joy explained.

Jun nodded. "But the most important thing is the psychological trauma."

Jun's aunt spoke up. "Jun, what do you plan to do with Lapras once it's recovered? Do you want to catch it?"

"I'll let Lapras decide. Nurse Joy, when can Lapras be discharged?" Jun asked.

"Tomorrow. If you want to take it back with you, you can. As you said earlier, its trauma is the only thing that needs to be treated," Nurse Joy replied.

"Then I'll take Lapras to the beach tomorrow. If it wants to come with me, great. But if it wants to stay, that's okay too," Jun said.

"Jun, you know tomorrow is the school assessment, right? Do you want to skip it?" his aunt asked sternly.

"Isn't there a makeup assessment next week?" Jun asked.

"Yes, but the makeup assessment is much more difficult. Are you sure you can pass it? And if you skip the actual assessment, you'll lose the school's support," his aunt pointed out.

Jun pondered for a moment. If the makeup assessment was the next day after the actual assessment, then he would hesitate. However, if it was the next week, that was another story. As for the resources, what a joke! What was the use of having a powerful family if he didn't use it? How could mere school resources compare to it?

"Um, I am sure" Jun nodded

"Haah.." his aunt sighed in frustation. Is is a puberty change or what? why her nephew seems to change so much?

"Okay.. okay.. Aunt wouldnt bother you agiin about that, then lets go home since you need to come to pick up Lapras" Jun aunt said defeatedly

Jun only smilled and nodded


9AM in the morning in the Vermillion beach near the harbour

"Hey its gonna rain?" a little girl playing sand asked her sister beside her

"It's really weird, the sun just shining brightly just now. Why suddenly the sky darkened?" the sister asked back puzzedly before packing their belongings

All the people look at sky and watching the black sky, the sun that shining brightly just now was covered by dark clouds. One by one then they leave the beach area.

Jun was dropped off by his aunt before said she want to find a perking for their trucks, so Jun was alone now with Eevee, Beldum and Lapras.

"Alright then, you can freeily go if you want. But be careful in the future, dont trust human so easily" Jun said while strokes Lapras neck.

Lapras was hesitated, it looked back from Jun to the ocean from time to time. It want to freely swim in the ocean with its parents but where can I find them? what if I got caught again by other bad guy?

"Kyuu~" Eevee raised it paws at Lapras

"Woo?" Lapras looked at Eevee




Jun only looking at Eevee and Lapras communicate and not distubed them. He also looked at Belum who was floating happily since it was the first time it seeing so many water and sand. While looking at them suddenly all his hairs was stand up and got chill.


The thunder crash and the wind blowed suddenly up from the north to the south.

"Lapras, Eevee, Beldum, come here first" Jun trying to drag them away first before it rained

As Jun stood up and turned around, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He realized that he was alone on the beach; no one else was around.

The silence was overwhelming and eerie, making him feel uneasy. It was as if the entire atmosphere had turned strange and unsettling all of a sudden.

He glanced back at Eevee. 'Even Eevee doesn't feel anything?'


Slowly, a little rain began to fall, and little by little, it became heavier. With the heavy rain and crashing thunder, nothing could be seen. Jun felt like he was trapped on the beach and isolated.

Jun hugged Eevee and Beldum tightly, wrapping them inside his jacket, while standing quietly with Lapras by his side. He didn't know what to do; all he could see was a white mist with a heavy rain curtain enveloping him and his Pokemon.

About ten minutes later, the rain finally subsided, and Jun felt relieved. "Lapras, if you're still hesitant to venture into the sea, you can follow me. In my house, there's a big lake where you can swim around and many little Pokemon to play with. Is that okay?" Jun asked, extending his hand and looking around uneasily.

Lapras looked at Jun's hand before looking back and forth towards the ocean and Jun before finally sniffing at Jun and happily allowing him to stroke its neck. Jun and Lapras then hurriedly left the beach, as Jun was soaked in rainwater.

Unknowingly to Jun, in the sea far away from his location, there was an elegant silhouette standing up in the water, watching him through the layers of rain curtains.

Beside it, there was a small, wispy Pokemon that appeared like a shadow or smoke, about 2 feet tall with a black body with some white accents. It had two long, thin arms that ended in three-fingered hands, and its legs were also thin and spindly with small feet.

After Jun disappeared from their vision, the small, wispy Pokemon slowly turned back, and its figure merged into the shadow of the Pokemon beside it. The elegant silhouette Pokemon slowly also disappeared along with the thick black cloud that covered the sun.

Not long after, the beach returned to normal, and everything went back to normal.

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