106 Too Bad You Are Already Dead

"I'd rather die than become your subordinate!"

This roar of anger resonated in the surroundings as Morgazar firmly held the Warbow in his hand like a sword, ready to strike at any moment.

The Orc Hunter's encampment was easily subdued due to the strategic trickery that Tanabur had suggested to Barca. Since the Orc Raiders often visited the camps of the other Orc Warlords, Morgazar and his subordinates automatically assumed that this was just part of their regular inspections to ensure that everything was in order.

Unfortunately, Barca had already subdued Tanabur and the latter used this method to sneak Barca inside Morgazar's Orc Encampment and trap the Orc Warlord, forcing him to fight Barca one-on-one.

Although the Orc Hunter was capable of fighting like a rogue when it came to close combat, his true specialty lay in ranged attacks. It didn't even take Barca two minutes to completely subdue the Orc Hunter, who was now glaring at the Half-Orc with fury.


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