Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven's Gate

Good Looks: Check! OP Skills: Check! Face Slapping: Check! PP Size: Check! Lucien was more than ready to embark in his new adventure to save a dying world from destruction as part of the Heaven's Gate Project. However, just as he was about to be sent to the world that he was about to save, an accident happened, which forced his Patron God, the God of Gamblers, to take another gamble in order to preserve his chosen candidate's life. Lucien, who's new identity was named Lux, found himself in a world where darkness could be light, and light could be dark. A world where morality was but a thin line from depravity, and a happy ending could only be gained, by facing the world and slapping it with a Legion of the Undying. ----------- Author's other stories. System's POV - Ongoing Strongest Warlock - Wizard World Irregular (You won't see this in my profile. Search for it manually. currently ongoing!) Reincarnated With The Strongest System (Completed)

Elyon · Fantasy
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1236 Chs

Tasting The Forbidden Fruit [Part 2]

Lux looked at the young lady who was lying on the bed, her body twitching from time to time.

With how cheeky Ari spoke earlier, the Half-Elf didn't hold back and made her orgasm five times, leading her to this state.

'So, you can also make this ahegao face, Ari,' Lux thought as he lifted the young lady from the bed and laid her down beside her sister, who was still recovering.

The bed was large enough for over a dozen people to sleep, so there was plenty of space for her to rest properly.

Lux planted a kiss on Ari's forehead and apologized to her in his heart. He should have controlled himself better, but the beautiful handmaiden teased him into losing it.

Frankly, the Half-Elf was wondering if Ari was a succubus in disguise due to how irresistible she was.

Suddenly, someone hugged him from behind, holding him in place.