24 Lux’s Regrets

"Sh*t!" Lux cursed out loud at the three Rank 1 Monsters that had come to personally deal with them.

"Run!" Grandma Annie ordered. "I can beat one of them, but I can't beat three at the same time! Let's retreat!"

Colette and her friends supported the old lady as they retreated, but the Draugrs didn't plan to just watch and let them escape.

"Block them!" Lux ordered.

The Forest Wolf and Diablo moved forward to intercept the three Draugrs in order to buy them some time to escape their pursuit.

Unfortunately, it only took one slash for the Forest Wolf and Diablo to turn into particles of light, which only brought them a few seconds of reprieve.

Gritting his teeth, Lux stopped running and held his ground.

Holding his shield, Dawne, and one-handed sword, Tranquility, he once again summoned Diablo and the Forest Wolf by his side.

After doing so, he swapped his sword for the Dagger of Frost.


< Dagger of Frost >

Rarity: Rare


– Attack: 10 - 15 Frost Damage

– Allows you to use the skill Ice Slash

(Ice Slash)

– Deals 20-25 Frost AOE cone damage to creatures that are within five meters away from the user.

– Has a chance of freezing the user's enemy for five seconds

– Skill Cooldown: 2 minutes.


"Ice Slash!" Lux roared, sending a white, crescent, energy blade, flying towards the three Draugrs that were running towards him.

Two of the monsters were frozen in ice, while the third one brushed off the attack despite it dealing significant damage to its body.

The Forest Wolf growled as it lunged at the Draugr, biting its neck.

Diablo, on the other hand, slashed at the Draugr's hand that carried its weapon in an attempt to disarm it.

Unfortunately, the bone sword wasn't strong enough to cut the hand off making Diablo's attempt futile.

This exchange lasted only for a few seconds before the Forest Wolf and Diablo, once again, turned into particles of light after receiving the Draugr's counterattack.

During this brief period, Lux forcefully chewed another candy inside his mouth, recovering his mana at a fast rate.

No sooner had the Draugr killed the two annoying pests, then the Wolf and the Skeleton reappeared in front of it to continue attacking it from both sides.

It was also at this moment when the other two Draugrs broke out of their frozen state, roaring in anger.

Their eyes locked on Lux's with the intention of tearing him apart.

However, before the two Draugrs could even get close to the Half-Elf, the third Draugr had once again killed Diablo and the Forest Wolf.

It then roared and sent a hate-filled punch towards the red-headed boy, who hurriedly raised his shield to defend himself.

A loud crash reverberated in the air, followed by a pained cry as Lux was sent flying by the Draugr's attack.

The boy's body landed over a dozen meters away from where he previously stood and rolled on the ground for a few meters more before stopping completely.

Lux's body was wracked in pain, especially his left arm, which was bent in an unnatural angle. It was so painful that the Half-Elf's vision blurred as tears streamed down his face, while he gasped for breath.

With every breath he took, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and wondered how many of his ribs were broken.

Gritting his teeth, he tried to stand up, but he couldn't muster any strength in his body.

"Grandma… Vera…," Lux said between pained breaths. "Sorry…"

Lux looked up at the three Draugr's who were looking down on him, with their swords raised high. He knew that he no longer had the ability to dodge the assault of the three Rank 1 Monsters that surpassed his current abilities.

His only regret was that he wouldn't be able to keep his promises to his Grandma Vera, Eriol, and Max.

"I'm sorry…" Lux sighed as he closed his eyes, waiting for the strikes that would end his life, but they never came.

Instead, he felt a wave of hot air wash over his body, making him open his eyes abruptly.

The three Draugrs in front of him were roaring in pain as their bodies were consumed by blazing flames that illuminated the dark night.

It was also at that moment when the mighty sound of a blowing horn reached Lux's ears. The ground trembled, as hundreds of hooves made their way towards the front lines of the battle.

Suddenly, something jumped over Lux's body that was lying on the ground.

As if time had slowed down, Lux was able to see the face of an armor wearing Dwarf, who looked down on him from the back of a meter and a half tall Mountain Goat.

Their gazes met for what seemed like an eternity before time once again flowed naturally.

"Charge!" the Dwarf that had jumped over Lux's body shouted. "Ride warriors of Norria! Push them back!"


Hundreds of mounted Goat Riders passed over Lux's body as they shouted their war cries. The goats rammed the Undead army, obliterating the Skeleton Warriors that blocked their way.

The weakest of the Goat Riders were equivalent to Grade C Apostles (Rank 2 Monster), which was more than enough to easily beat two Draugrs simultaneously.

Cheering broke out across the village as their powerful reinforcements arrived.

Lux felt his body easing up as he heard the sound of warcries spread across the village because powerful reinforcements from the Stronghold of Norria had arrived. They cut through the Undead horde like a hot knife cutting through butter, immediately turning the tides of battle.

Due to how intense the situation was, Lux had completely forgotten to check the remaining time of the quest that he had deemed almost impossible to clear.

Soon, the Half-Elf lay on the ground motionless. He had fallen unconscious due to exhaustion and relief.

The Half-Elf didn't even stir at the ringing sound that marked the successful completion of his quest, which had pushed his physical, mental, and emotional states to their limits.

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