8 Isn’t This Item A Little Too OP? 

Lux stared at his Soul Book with excitement.

Although his stats had remained the same, he acquired a special ability as well as a body constitution that he never had before.

After reading the information in his Soul Book, Lux held Eriol's hand and thanked him profusely for what he had done for him.

"Thank you!" Lux bowed repeatedly. "With this, I can repay Grandma for raising me. I am no longer useless!"

Eriol could only smile at Lux's passionate act of gratitude.

"Lux, I think you're having a very big misunderstanding here," Eriol replied. "Those abilities were rightfully yours from the start. However, due to what happened in the Heavenly Domain your soul was damaged, preventing you from using the blessings that my best friend, Macuilxochitl, had bestowed upon you. I am merely setting the record straight."

Lux still held Eriol's hand firmly as he stared at the boy's gray eyes that held a kind of maturity that didn't match his young appearance.

"Even so, without your help, the legacy that Max has left me would have been all for naught," Lux stated. "If you need anything from me, just say the word and I'll do my best to achieve it."

Eriol glanced at the hands that were holding his own. It had been a while since a human had touched him, and a complicated feeling rose in his heart.

"Don't worry. I have a task for you to do," Eriol said as he raised his head to stare at Lux's light-green eyes. "But for that to happen, you need to get the qualifications to enter Elysium. Even if your body has now synchronized with your soul, you are far too weak to accomplish anything in that world.

I also know that you're starting late when compared to your peers, so I'm going to give you a freebie as well to help you catch up," Eriol said as he summoned a golden ticket in his hand. "Are you familiar with Gacha Games?"

"Gacha games?" Lux blinked. "Are you talking about those games where people gamble with their savings in order to get those Super Rare Characters and Weapons in order to become strong? Those P2W Players (Pay to Win)? Those bastards who use money to brute force their way into clearing the game and challenging F2P (Free to Play) players in PVP and trash talk them when they win?!"

"Bruh, chill out. The saltiness in you is strong. It's not their fault that they're rich, okay? What is wrong with spending money on gacha games?"

"I'm an F2P, you know? I believe that you don't have to spend anything to enjoy a game. We demand equality!"

Eriol looked at Lux with a pitiful gaze. Although he didn't say any word, his "another salty F2P player" gaze made the red-headed boy's liver itch.

"Well anyway, the reason why I asked is because this golden ticket in my hand will allow you to do a free pull on a gacha draw," Eriol said. "Of course, since this is a golden ticket, you are guaranteed to get one SSR weapon, artifact, or character."

"You're giving it to me for free?" Lux stared at the golden ticket like a hungry beast. Only those who had played gacha games would understand how tempting it was to get a free gacha draw with a guaranteed SSR Item.

"Yes," Eriol nodded. "I'm sure that you already know that there are three types of rarity that you can get from Gacha games. Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR). If we are going to convert the rarity of these items to the terms used in your world, they would be called Rare, Unique, and Mythical.

"Just like normal gacha games, these items correspond to colors as well, which are blue, purple, and gold respectively. The good news about these items is that you can use them inside and outside Elysium. Now, here is your golden ticket."

The God of Games handed the ticket to Lux, and the latter held it with both hands. He stared at it for a while before shifting his gaze back to Eriol who had his arms crossed over his chest.

"Can I use it now?" Lux asked.

"Of course," Eriol replied with a smile.

The red-headed boy pressed his hands together in a prayer with the golden ticket between them.

After finishing his prayer, he threw the golden ticket in the air and looked at it with expectation.

The golden ticket glowed brightly and turned into a golden orb of light.

Suddenly, the orb shattered and ten smaller orbs of different colors descended from the sky. They stopped two meters away from Lux and hovered around him, forming an encirclement.

Lux looked around him and saw five blue orbs, three purple orbs, and two golden orbs.

As a Gacha Gamer, the first things he checked were, of course, the two golden orbs that contained Mythical Items.

When his hand touched one of the Golden Orbs, it immediately changed its shape and transformed into a golden book with intricate design.

A series of texts appeared in Lux's vision as he read the information about the Mythical Item that he had acquired.


< Elysium Grand Compendium >

Rarity: Mythical

– This book contains important information about Elysium.

– Information about Monster Drops and their Locations.

– Information on Treasure Chests scattered around the world.

– Complete list of Herbs.

– Complete list of Metals.

– Complete list of Precious Gems.

– Complete list of ingredients and miscellaneous materials.

– Expert's guide to managing Villages, Towns, Cities.

– Beginner's guide to crafting.

– Beginner's guide to alchemy.

– Beginner's guide to blacksmithing.

-- This Item is Soulbound to Lux Von Kaizer

"You got really lucky with that one," Eriol commented as he floated beside Lux. "This compendium is like a walkthrough of Elysium. If the Humans and other races knew that you had this in your possession they would definitely send all available manpower to snatch this from your hands."

"A walkthrough?" Lux scratched his head. "You make it sound like this is a game. Only games have walkthroughs."

Eriol smirked, "Life is a game. Knowledge is power. If you can use this compendium properly, you will be amazed at how fast you can progress when you enter Elysium."

Lux could only nod his head in response to Eriol's words. He still hadn't stepped inside that strange world, so his knowledge of it was limited. With the compendium in his possession, the knowledge he lacked would no longer be a problem.

"Okay, time for the next item…," Lux said softly as he pressed his hand over the other golden orb beside him.

The orb glowed brightly before transforming into a black coffin with a golden cross embedded in its cover.

Lux's body unconsciously shuddered as he looked at the black coffin that was standing upright in front of him. He was about to run away due to fright, when he felt Eriol's small hand press down on his shoulder, holding him in place.

"Relax, that coffin is empty," Eriol said. He then looked at the black coffin in front of them with a complicated expression on his face. "Seriously, I don't know if you are lucky or unlucky to get this thing."

"What kind of item is it?" Lux asked.

Eriol sighed. "It will be best if you read the information instead of asking me"

Lux reluctantly nodded his head as he looked at the black coffin to read its information. He had been too scared a while ago and completely forgotten to appraise the item he received from the golden ticket.


< Blackfire, Oath of Eternal Glory >

Rarity: Mythical

Creatures in Storage: (0/4)

Requirements to use transformation ability: 400 Combined Stat Points

– This coffin could store any humanoid type creature and randomly transform them into Higher-Undead, Fairies, Nymphs, Elementals, or Celestials.

– Only dead, or near-death creatures with complete bodies can be stored inside the coffin for transformation.

– Rates of transformation for each creature are as follows.

(Higher Undead - 40%)

(Fairies / Demons - 20%)

(Nymphs - 10%)

(Elementals - 5%)

(Celestial - .05%)

– You can offer Beast Cores as a sacrifice in order to increase the rarity of the creature you want to transform. The Rarer the Beast Core, the higher the chance for your desired creature to transform into an Apex Being.

If your creature transformed into a Vampire, and you have sacrificed a Beast Core with high-rarity, there is a chance that the Vampire will transform into a Vampire Lord.

– All transformed creatures will be loyal to you.

– Each creature that you transform has a 25% chance to obtain the ability to evolve. This will allow them to become stronger and surpass their current forms, once certain requirements are met.

– The Blackfire can only hold four creatures at a time. If the number of creatures exceeds that number, you will be given an option to remove one creature from the storage. Creatures that have been removed from the storage would be freed from the owner's control. Their loyalty may, or may not stay depending on their personality.

– If any of the creatures you own die in battle, you can revive them by offering a number of Beast Cores depending on their rank. The stronger the creature, the higher that offering will be.

-- This item is Soulbound to Lux Von Kaizer


'Isn't this item a little too OP?' Lux thought as he stared at the black coffin that was floating in front of him. Although he couldn't use it right now because his stats didn't meet the requirements, he was confident that once he was able to use this artifact, his offensive capabilities would drastically increase.

Even though there was a limitation to the number of creatures that it could store, it didn't change the fact that it would allow Lux to have strong allies that would help him on his journey through the world of Elysium.

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