3 Character Creation [Part 2]

There were a few more questions on the list, but they were only minor questions. After double checking to make sure he had answered everything correctly, he gave the form to the Angel behind him.

The Angel took it and gave it a quick glance to ensure that every question had been answered.

After seeing that there was nothing wrong with the form, she nodded her head and told the chubby boy to follow behind her.

Five minutes later, they arrived in an open space where countless galaxies could be seen in the sky.

It was the most marvelous thing the boy had ever seen. He just stood there in awe, gazing at the heavens above him.

"Stop gawking and follow me. What are you, a country bumpkin?" the Angel asked in irritation.

"Sorry," Lucien replied as he ran towards her. He had always thought of Angels as kind and benevolent beings. They were nowhere like this b*tchy Angel, who seemed to have a horrible personality.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at a small cottage located at the center of the amazing scenery.

"Your Excellency, Macuilxochitl, I brought the soul that you requested," the Angel said as she opened the door.

When they entered the room, the chubby boy saw an old man who had an infatuated look on his face as he gazed at the screen of his computer.

It didn't take long before the old geezer froze when he realized that he was no longer alone inside the room.

The first thing he did was immediately stand up and use his body to block their view, so they wouldn't see the image on his computer screen.

Although it was only for a brief moment, Lucien had already seen the image of a half-naked anime girl on his computer.

Unfortunately, even though the old man managed to prevent his two guests from seeing everything, his attempt was suddenly ruined by the loud moans that played through the surround sound speakers that hung all around his room.

It was at that moment when the old man realized that he f*cked up.

The Angel's expression immediately changed and she looked at the old man as if he was a piece of sh*t.

The old geezer lightly coughed as he averted his gaze, unable to endure the disdainful stare that the Angel was giving him.

'Am I really going to be fine?' Lucien thought as he looked at the old man who was doing his best to act like a dignified person while failing miserably.

Clearly, the old man didn't expect someone to barge inside his room without knocking first while he was watching something inappropriate for young audiences.

"Boy, what is your name?" the old man named Macuilxochitl asked as he pushed the power button of his computer to forcefully turn it off.

As a member of the Bros Before Hoes Brotherhood, the boy decided to play along with the old geezer's attempt to change the subject.

"My name is… Lucien," Lucien said with a slightly strained smile.

"Lucien? A good name," the old man commented as he eyed Lucien from head to toe. "Well then, Lucien. Did my assistant, Himea, explain everything to you already?"

"Yes. She said that I was chosen to participate in the Heaven's Gate Project."

"And… did she say anything else aside from that?"

Lucien shook his head as he glanced at the Angel who had her arms crossed over her chest.

"She said that this project is confidential," Lucien answered. "The only thing she asked me to do was to fill up the form for my rebirth."

"I see," Macuilxochitl said as he played with the white beard on his chin. "Very well. Before anything else let me properly introduce myself first. I am the God of Gamblers, Macuilxochitl. Since my name is a mouthful, just call me Max.

"I personally designed the Heaven's Gate Project in an attempt to send an individual to a particular world without being found out by the higher ups– I mean, to bypass certain old fogies who are sticklers to the rules."

"Are we doing something illegal?"

"Hahaha! Of course not. It's not a crime unless someone reports it to the authorities. You'll be fine… maybe."

"Hahaha... can I still back out?" Lucien asked while laughing nervously.

Max ignored his question and immediately took another form out of his breast pocket, and presented it to Lucien.

It looked similar to the form the boy just filled up, so he guessed that it might be a continuation of his character creation settings.

"Since I chose you to become my guinea pig– I mean, my hero who will participate in this glorious project, it is only normal that I give you some freebies," Max said with a smile that would put all con-artists to shame. "You may choose only one. So, take your time and choose wisely."

Lucien held the form that the God of Gamblers handed to him and read its contents without any expectations.

However, half a minute later Lucien's eyes widened in surprise as he read the amazing "freebies" that were written on the form he was holding.


< Special Add-ons! You may choose only one. >

( System )

– You will be given a random System upon reincarnation. Take note that the System you will get cannot be exchanged or refunded. If you ever get the Eunuch System, consider yourself fcked for life.

( Random High-Tier Skill )

– You will receive a random High-Tier Skill at the get go. This Skill will be exclusive to you and will be bound to your soul.

( 20x Exp Gains )

– If you Reincarnate in a world where you gain experience points, you will be able to grow 20x faster than the average person.

( Charm )

– Your Charm Stat will be at its max value. Even a rock will fall in love with you if you stare at it long enough.

( Status Ailment Immunity )

– You will gain immunity to Poison, Charm, Sleep, Petrify, Paralyze, and any other abilities that will have a harmful effect on your body and soul.

( Infinite Mana )

– No matter what magic spell you cast, your mana will never run out.

(Infinite Stamina)

– No matter how many rounds you do it with your lover, you will keep going, and going, and going… and going…

(Unique Body Constitution)

– You will receive a special body constitution that will be the envy of mortals and immortals alike.

[ Example: Divine Dragon Immortal's Body, Ice Phoenix Legacy, Thunder God Physique. ]

( 10x Gacha Pull )

– Depending on the world you reincarnate on, the contents of the Gacha Pull will be modified to fit the laws of that world.

– You are guaranteed to receive one SSR Item, Artifact, Weapon, Waifu, or Husbando Companion from this Gacha Pull.

"S-Sh*t!" Lucien wasn't able to stop himself from cursing out loud after reading the options that were available for him.

'Regardless of what I choose, I know that I will definitely gain a massive advantage as I reincarnate to my next life,' Lucien thought. 'If possible, I want all of them, but since his Excellency, Max, told me that I could only choose one, I need to take this matter seriously.'

"Well then, have you decided what option you want to choose?" Max asked the boy who was still seriously looking at his options after half an hour had passed.

"Yes." Lucien nodded his head. He had already weighed the pros and cons of his decision, so he faced the God of Gamblers with determination. "Your Excellency, I choose…"

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