2 Character Creation [Part 1]

If you were given the chance to live that one perfect life you had always dreamed of… would you do it even if there were strings attached?

Some would gladly take this chance, while others would feel more cautious or even ignore it completely.

Lucien chose the first option and decided to accept an Angel's offer to join the Heaven's Gate Project.

He believed that this was an opportunity to live a life that was different from the pitiful one that he had lost just a few hours ago.

With that said, Lucien found himself somewhere in the vast multiverse inside a shady office, being watched in disdain by a drop-dead gorgeous Angel, who had picked him up from Earth after he died.

The Angel then brought him to the Celestial Realm. The chubby twenty-year-old was asked to fill up a character creation form that would be used as his template for his next life.


"Hair color?" Lucien gazed at the options that were in front of him. The form was like a multiple choice questionnaire. He simply needed to shade in the small circle beside his choice and his answer would be finalized.

"Blonde is good… but that is too common. How about silver, or white?" the chubby young man mused as he scratched his head.

This was only the first choice and he was already having a hard time choosing what he wanted for his next life.

"Let's go for red," Lucien said with determination. He then shaded his choice using the pen that was given to him by the Angel behind him.

After making his choice, the other hair options were grayed out, which meant that he couldn't take back his choice anymore.

After answering the first question, the chubby young man scratched his head for the second time because the next one was just as difficult as the first.


< Choose Eye Color >

– Blue

– Green

– Hazel

– Red

– Gold

– Gray

– Brown

– ….

– ….


"My hair color is red, so should I also go for the red eye color? Hmm… oh, they also have the option for heterochromia."

After thinking for a few minutes, Lucien finally decided on green. For some reason, having red hair and green eyes reminded him of that handsome protagonist that he had read about in one of his favorite novels.

"Sex? Of course it should be Male," Lucien muttered as he shaded in his option. 'I still plan to reincarnate as a man in my next life. In my past life, I accomplished nothing. This time around, I want to live my life to the fullest!'



Body Build…

Skin Color…

The chubby young man answered them all to his liking before glancing at the next set of choices.

< Facial Aesthetic >

( Plain )

( Average )

( Cute )

( Attractive )

( Handsome )

( Casanova )

( Hideyoshi )

( Astolfo )


'Umu, all of these options are good, but the last two choices seem dangerous,' Lucien thought. 'Just to be on the safe side, I'll just choose Handsome. Next!'


< Race >

( Human )

( Elf )

( Dwarf )

( Demon )

( Beastkin )

( Dragon )

( ….)

( …. )


Lucien's first choice was, of course, Elf. Being good looking was a default characteristic of the Elves and they also had a very long lifespan, but after thinking things through, he decided to choose a different race.

Why? The answer was simple. Because of diversity. If everyone was handsome and beautiful, wouldn't that make the Aesthetic Option lose its value?

Elves had long lives.

He also wanted to live a long life. However, he preferred to mingle with the Humans as well, so being a Half-Elf was a good option.

Although he was worried about discrimination, he knew that it was a risk that he needed to take if he wanted to stand out from the crowd.

In order to maximize his future good looks, he decided to choose a race that had the best of both worlds and that was Half-Elf.

As the chubby young man shaded in his choice, all the other races grayed out.

For some reason, he felt a sense of relief knowing that he couldn't change his decision after picking his desired race.


< Lineage >

( Royalty Bloodline )

( Noble Bloodline )

( Influential Clan Bloodline )

( Commoner Bloodline )


Lucien stared at these four options with a serious expression on his face. Having a Royal Bloodline was a tempting choice, but he had read many novels in which being part of the Royal Family was not only difficult but dangerous as well.

Infighting for the throne and being backstabbed by his own brothers and sisters wasn't the life he wanted to live.

'If I want to stand out like a hero, going for the commoner route is a good choice, but I don't know anything about the world I will be reincarnated into,' Lucien thought as he rubbed his chin. 'It might be dangerous or hard for a commoner to rise up in society. It's a very risky choice too since I might be born as the son of a farmer or the son of a gangster.'

Since his next life was precious to him, he decided on the Noble Bloodline so he would at least be able to live a life of comfort without being too high profile.

However, when he looked at the next set of choices, he almost dropped his pen in disbelief because he didn't expect something like it to be included in the form he was filling up.

< PP Size >

– Take note that this option gives additional bonuses when you reincarnate into your next life. Please choose wisely.

'Damn! They are giving me the power to freely choose the size of my "Ahem", and I can even get bonuses?' Lucien's eyes widened in surprise. 'Bro, this is the best thing ever. I'm going all in on this one!'

( 2 Inches )

– You will be given 6 Legendary Items of your choosing.

( 3 inches)

– You will be given 3 Legendary Items of your choosing.

( 4 inches )

– You will be given 1 Legendary Item of your choosing.

( 5 Inches )

– You will be given one rare item of your choosing

( 6 inches )

– You will be given one pack of tissue papers.

( 7 inches )

– You will be given two packs of tissue papers.

( 8 Inches )

– Omaewa mou…

( 9 Inches )

– Bruh…

( 10 Inches )

– Are you planning to reincarnate as a horse? If yes then choose this option.

( 11 Inches )

– Hey, that's hell you're walking into.

( 12 inches )

– … Dear mother of


The chubby young man almost spat blood after seeing the diabolical choices laid out in front of him.

'Wtf man? Baiting me with Legendary Items in exchange for my happiness?' Lucien gnashed his teeth in anger. 'Not cool bro, not cool.'

After considering his future happiness, and his little brother's happiness, the chubby young man finally made his decision and shaded in the bubble next to his choice with gritted teeth.

It was at that moment that he heard a chuckle filled with ridicule come from behind him.

Lucien turned his head and gazed at the beautiful Angel who was looking back at him with a teasing smile. For some reason, he felt like he had made a mistake when he chose his PP size.

'Should I have chosen a bigger one?' Lucien thought as he continued to gaze at the Angel who continued to look at him with a teasing smile.

Using all of his willpower, he averted his gaze from the beautiful Angel who made him feel a little salty.

More questions came after that, and the chubby young man answered all of them to the best of his abilities.

'This is like creating a character in a game,' Lucien mused. 'Unfortunately, they don't have the preview option. It might have been easier if they had this option, what a shame… truly a shame.'

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