520 We are Doomed

Although Max was focused on beating or rather trying to kill the demoness, he also paid attention to the other demons, Emily and co. Therefore, he noticed the moment demons and Rey sent the message for help and his expression turned grim.

'I need to kill her as soon as possible.' He thought.

Just then, the demoness' snickered, "Keke, you are thinking of killing me, aren't you? But… how will you? You can't do anything apart from injuring me and stopping me from attacking you."

When he heard this, the corner of his lips curled up into a grin, and he asked, 

"You really think so?"

'Hm?' The demoness suddenly felt an ominous feeling rising in her heart when she saw his expression. Immediately, she channeled all her demon energy to flash away from him.


Unfortunately, Max was paying close attention to her every move, and he immediately followed by using [Pheonix Wings] once again. 


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