510 War Begins [5]

Hearing this, Max was stunned for a moment before he smiled wryly and asked, "Alright. You win. Tell me, what exactly do you want?"

Anna's smile widened when she heard this. Looking into his eyes, she brought her lips closer to his temptingly and said, "I want you… to take me with you when you go out to fight the demons next time."

Finished saying this, she placed her lips on his.

Max didn't reject and let her kiss him. After she moved her face away a while later, he smiled at her, making her smile too.

"You agree, right?" She asked expectantly.

Max shook his head and chuckled. "No. I don't."

His refusal made Anna's smile stiffen on her face. She then became angry, "You… why not? As you can see, I'm strong enough to take care of myself."

"I admit you are strong and you can easily fight and kill ordinary two-star demons. But there is no two-star demon among the demon army. The weakest is an early-stage three-star and…" 


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