509 War Begins [4]

Aria sighed exasperatedly and spoke through telepathy, [If you haven't noticed it because that senior two major realms above you but she is seriously injured and wouldn't want to fight until she recovers enough. That's why you haven't felt her soul sense until now. And although miss Garima has been watching everything and would step in if needed…]

Speaking until this point, she spoke aloud, "…do you think those demons were foolish enough to come here knowing we have a king ranked mage protecting the city? Did you really believe all that nonsense that demon spouted? And with their enhanced speed, do you think miss Garima and that senior could handle them?"

Ryan was confused for a moment about why she communicated the first part through telepathy and the last part out loud and even saying that Garima and the old granny won't be able to deal with those five-star demons. 


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