516 Thunder bloodline

With a smile on his face, he waved his hand and immediately after,


A giant, silver-winged eagle appeared in front of them.


It let out a shrill cry, flapped its wings, and flew straight to the sky.


The wind generated from its wings pushed Max back. He looked at the majestic eagle in the sky in awe.

The Elves were shocked when they saw it and one of the three four-star mages exclaimed, "Isn't that lord commander's steed?!"

They exchanged glances and could see shock and a look of understanding in each other's eyes. By giving his mount to him, Ryan was telling them to take Max seriously.

"It seems we don't have any choice." One of the three said, and the other two nodded.

After flying a few circles above their heads, the silver-eagle landed in front of Max, its large reddish black eyes staring down at him. And Max could see the disdain in them, which made him smile stiffly.


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