535 Shocking all

Grinning, he shook his head, "And no. This isn't a bloodline energy. But the energy I cultivated with an ancient formation spell I accidentally found years ago. Don't worry, you'll taste it soon."

"Also, after arriving here, I used many tender girls of your kind to cultivate it. They were delicious."

Saying this, he glanced at Emily, who he thought was his companion since she was the only other human in the group, and licked his lips. "After I kill you, I'll taste her, too. I'm sure she will be even more delicious and will help me create quite a bit of this energy. Keke."


As soon as he heard this, Max's expression turned dark, his aura sphere turned violent, his eyes turned red and the fire wings on his back started flickering as though they were going to disappear anytime soon. It was obvious Nix's words had enraged him.



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