518 Savior


The earth shifted, and the chief's wife and daughter appeared.

The woman had tears in her eyes because she knew very well her husband was no more, because the talisman he used wasn't a normal talisman. 

It was something dark that required the user to sacrifice his life before it could explode with its full potential. That was the last resort the Riggalton family had in case they encountered a such like before.

"M-Mother, where is father? Why didn't he come with us?" The daughter, name Ellie, asked, tears streaming down her beautiful brown eyes. Although she didn't know about the talisman, she had this ominous feeling that she wouldn't be able to see her father ever again.

The woman hugged her and sobbed silently, not answering. What was she supposed to say? Say that her father had sacrificed his life and send them away? She knew if she said this, her daughter would completely break down.



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