519 Pummeling A Four-Star Demon


Emily and Rey weren't slow. As soon as they saw him move, they also moved back, warily watching the female demon who had appeared in the place where they were just now.

'She is fast,' Rey thought and then asked, "Team leader, I don't think we can handle them. We should—"

"Don't worry about it." Max interrupted him before he could complete his sentence.

Rey frowned in confusion, but quickly realized why Max interrupted him. He didn't want him to reveal their other teammates' existence to the demons and put their lives at risk.

The demoness looked at Max in slight surprise and said, "You have some keen senses. However…"


She suddenly vanished and appeared in front of him, her hand grabbed toward his neck.

"…they aren't keen enough." She finished, revealing a smug smile.

"You are not wrong." Max said with a calm look on his face while pushing Ellie and her mother toward Emily.


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