260 Pay double the price

Max looked at him with a cold sneer on his face and raised his hand.


A fireball, half a meter in size, appeared above his hand.

"A dead man doesn't need to know this," Max said in a colder voice than ice.

The middle-aged man, whose expression had traces of fear until now, suddenly revealed a cruel smile and laughed, "Hehe, It seems you have exhausted your three-star Mana."

As an experienced three-star mage, the moment Max attacked him, he realized that although Max's spell was monstrous and was cast with three-star Mana, he, himself, was only a two-star mage who happened to have enhanced some of his Mana to the next level.

Whizz1! Whizz!

Suddenly, the dark energy started pouring out of him and enveloped his body. The middle-aged man then sneered, "Although fire and lightning element is the bane of my demonic energy, do you think that this puny two-star Mana-filled fireball can do any damage to-"


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