526 Massacre begins [2]


The duo came to an abrupt halt. Exchanging a glance between them, they moved in the voice's direction to see what was happening from behind a broken wall.

There was a group of ten demons looking at the four demons' corpses with enraged expressions on their faces.

"It seems some outside bastards have sneaked in the town." One of them said, her brows furrowed.

Hearing this, a demon standing opposite to her shouted, "You bitch! How would you know? This town is situation in the middle of nowhere and I doubt many in the outside world know about it, so who would come here? It's clearly those ugly bastards' doing. They are taking revenge on our group because we killed a few of their people last time."

Saying this, he looked at other and said, "We should complain to the young master about it and ask his permission to finish this matter once and for all."

No one said anything in response and maintained their silence. 


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