517 Earth spirit village

Earth spirit village. This was this town's name and only a hundred or so families lived here. Most of these people were ordinary folks without a hint of mana in their bodies.

Only the first male offspring of a generation from the Riggalton family would have the potential to become a mage. Hence, naturally, the Riggalton family became the town's leader. 

Everyone obeyed and respected them and the Riggalton family also didn't grow arrogant just because they were the strongest in the town and had mages. They would do their best to assist the town's folk and protect the town, although there weren't many dangers thanks to the isolated location of the town.

There was another peculiar thing about the Riggalton family. 

All the male offspring apart from the first one would succumb to death within a week after they were born and the one who didn't and would become the mage in the future could only awaken the Earth Element.


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