537 Backlash

Thud! Thud!

Emily kicked the two demons, making them fall in front of Max.

She then looked at him and asked, "Can you… do it?"

Hearing this, Max smiled bitterly. He didn't have enough strength to stand up on his own, let along kill them.

"Let me recover a bit." He said and continued to pop healing pills into his mouth like candies. By now, he had eaten over two dozen of them but didn't feel himself getting better, and this made him frown. 

He could, of course, buy something to recover instantly from the system shop, but he wanted to save as many SPs as he could. After all, he only had less than two weeks left to amass enough SPs to buy the [Drop of life] for his father and healing medicine for his old grandma, too, if possible.

The elves celebrated the victory, laughing and crying joyously, while the two four-star elves came over to Max.

The male elf looked at him for a while, hesitating whether he should speak or not. 


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