Strongest Alchemist: Return Of Beelzebub

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible tale of Beelzebub, a player who shook the game world with his divine potion, Your Desire, which was meant to fulfill his greatest wish. After sharing the news with his loyal NPCs, known as the maids of Beelzebub, he consumed the potion, hoping for his heart's desire to come true. However, something went wrong, and Beelzebub vanished into thin air. But now, after being reawakened thousands of years later, he has returned to reunite with his maids and uncover the truth behind his mysterious disappearance. With their unwavering support and his newfound determination, Beelzebub is poised to become the strongest player in "no longer the game" world. This epic adventure is filled with intrigue, sacrifice, and triumph, and you won't want to miss it!

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145 Chs

Beelzebub's Grand Achievement (1)

Chapter 1: Beelzebub's Grand Achievement (1)

It was the fourth anniversary of Revfantasy Online, the most successful virtual reality game.

Crowned every year since its release with many awards, mainly for its story and realism, Revfantasy Online celebrated its anniversary abundantly, peppering the world with countless blessings and rewards.

The whole planet of this fantasy world had been swallowed by festival mood.

The contrast between players and NPCs had been forgotten on that day, as the streets of capitals, cities, and villages had been swollen by them alike. For players, it was mandatory time to drop their weapons and forget their conflicts, be it with their rivals from other guilds or residents of the fantasy world.

NPCs became much friendlier on that day, too, bonding with players by clinking their glasses of liquor with them.

It was as though everyone had received a quest to become friends, setting aside all their past grievances. Those already on good terms with adventurers from another world had a blast instead.

Naturally, not everyone was swallowed by this mood.

Far away from ample feasts and excited howls, players and residents used this anniversary as their chance to level up more or set up their plans against top guilds into motion.

David, known in the game as Beelzebub, was also staying away from the revelry, confined in his secret chamber. But if someone who knew him, either a player or NPC, found him in the celebrating crowds, they would have never believed their eyes and blamed alcohol in their veins for playing tricks on them.

After all, Beelzebub was known to be a lone player, only surrounded by a handful of useful NPCs. Those servants had contributed to his fame, for every assistant of David was a gorgeous woman in possession of boundless strength enough to replace a need for a proper party to clear dungeons.

On a high level, all players needed more than a common party to operate in dungeons, yet David and his maids were exceptional fellows whose skills complemented each other so perfectly that Beelzebub lived a life many players and residents were jealous of.

But in the end, those servants were only a contribution to David's fame. Even without them, David's name would have reached the ears of others from time to time. In fact, his nickname used to be different, and it changed because everyone had been calling him Beelzebub.

And that was because his alchemy skills were demonic.

Silently staying in his workplace and unblinking eyes supervising his unusual alchemy process, David held his brewing excitement in check. In front of him was his bizarre alchemy craft, with countless glass pipes branching out like advanced roads, going from one small pot to another.

More than half of Beelzebub's workplace was taken by those pots and pipes, all of them connecting to the main cauldron proudly perched in the middle of the grand room.

That was not enough to deem David Beelzebub, though. Once upon a closer look, everyone would have noticed ghosts of humans erected next to small pots. With their eyes hollow, the ghosts patiently did David's bidding, tending to various precious ingredients and waiting for more orders upon completing their ongoing ones.

David was like a conductor, having the utmost control over everything occurring at his place.

"It's been four years… finally, I have become a legend…." David's soft and tired voice shut down all ghosts whose transparent bodies dissipated alongside light stemming from the glass pipes left with not even a drop of precious liquefied ingredients.

Beelzebub's whispers were tangled with a tender excitement, for not even before a divine potion did David rush to its side. In calm strides, David approached the main cauldron in which the divine potion was encased in high-quality glass, brimming with a blinding, rainbow light.

[You have compassed the impossible for a half-human, half-demon!]

[You have concocted a divine potion!]

[Your epic class, a demonic alchemist, has evolved.]

[You have become Beelzebub(Legendary).]

[Your race has changed!]

[Your stats have been updated.]

[Would you like to share your achievement of concocting the divine potion with the rest of the world?]

David's lips curved into a sneer. "Yeah, do it."

The whole world forcefully had their eyes swarmed by the system message notifying them of Beelzebub's Grand Achievement. At that moment, the world became mute for a second, and it even seemed like all light had died out. The seemingly impossible-to-shut-down celebrations and anniversary got drowned in shocked-beyond-belief silence, which was broken by high-level players and residents choking on alcohol slushing their throats.

And then, everyone else broke out into a heated conversation, forgetting about the anniversary for some time.

David couldn't care less about those people.

His mind flashed with the faces he utterly despised, then the satisfaction of knowing their reactions to this grand achievement washed over him, making Beelzebub smile like a kid. It was not the whole world that he wanted to shock; he had a few people he wanted to spite and make them regret their life choices.

In this virtual reality game, that achievement was more than enough to do that.

[You have received a divine potion, Your Desire(Divine).]

After stretching his hands for it, David cradled the potion with a gleeful smile, peering into the rainbow liquid. Instead of the system message explaining the potion's usage, David saw himself in the reflection — a man in his early twenties with deadly pale skin and black hair long enough to fall onto his nose.

His black eyes gleamed with endless stars, not caring about the error in the system. Perhaps, it was his duty to learn about the potion's effects, which David would gladly unveil soon.

Still holding tenderly to the potion, David turned his heels and headed to leave his chamber. Upon opening the doors, an image of five gorgeous women instantly fanned out, greeting him. Those were NPCs which with whom he had a close relationship, each started and developed in a memorable way.

Everyone was connected to Beelzebub in a master-servant relationship.

Familiar with his maids after many struggles and bonding, David saw a glimpse of the future of how each would have reacted to his grand achievement, and his excitement to share the news prompted him to speak right off the bat, so he instantly brought the potion up and spoke in his unusually arousing soft tone being louder than usual. "This is a product of my skills and persistence. But, of course, I shall give credit where it's due. I wouldn't have achieved this beauty without you. You're my precious teammates. We have shed blood and sweat together in those dungeons and high-level zones… I'll reward all five of you with the same potion soon enough. This is when you'll be free of me."

David softly grinned, his eyes close.

This made him miss the displeased expressions of his maids. Even the nicest of them looked disappointed and disgusted by her master's words.

David revealed his black hues, once again taking in the beautiful sight. "This potion is called [Your Desire]. The system doesn't give me any description of it… but the name is self-explanatory. Drinking this will make the divine force interfere with the world and fulfill my deepest desire. And what is it? Yeah, it is to see them in anguish! I don't give any fuck that I have already made them regret their choices numerous times! I will be that petty bastard and even haunt them in after life! That whore of a mother, that bitch of a girlfriend, and those dogs of friends! They made me who I am today! So just fucking suffer!"

David arched his head back and madly stuffed his mouth with the divine potion. The rainbow light flowed into his mouth and then went down his tongue, soon filling his entire body. It circled around his insides for a few seconds, then broke into his heart to find his deepest desire.

And while David believed that his thirst for revenge was what he wanted the most, unbeknownst to him, he had developed a yearning for something much different.

The divine potion read that desire… and then the clouds trembled, gathering above Beelzebub's hidden chamber. The clouds were black but soon became brimmed with rainbow colors. From that beautiful piece of art, a golden thunderbolt descended upon David, piercing him.


He could only let out one groan before feeling his body and mind evaporating from the world. In the meantime, the golden thunderbolt hit the ground and scattered in five directions, entering the five maidens.

A moment later, David was gone.

His maids lost consciousness for an hour.

And while every servant expected to see their master soon, it never happened.

David also didn't wake up on Earth: his body evaporated from both worlds, ushered by the divine intervention into a time trip.

When the time was right, Beelzebub, the legendary alchemist, woke up thousand years later in Revfantasy Online's world.

[Beelzebub(David) Lv.1 HP: 500 MP: Infinite]

"I didn't want to start over!" David screamed to the heavens, his usual soft voice making him sound cute.

And as the sunshine scratched his face, it seemed like the heavens indeed found him adorable.