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The MC is bad ass and all that but he does random things for girls. Jack doesn't like MCs who turn on servant mood whenever some girl appears. I'm dropping this novel sadly. Might pick it up to binge read next year...

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Website : qidian china Views : 20.77 million Rating : 8.4(3884) Chapters : 2285 Status : completed Word count : 7.04 million author rank : platinum


i wish Qidian to focus on this Novel and update faster, this will boost more viewers because this story is very good and there is no flaw in the story where the writer make a lot of mistake with common sense and illogical story lines, i read only highly approved writers and this is a very good writer an the story is very refreshing, this novel got very high potential, please Qidian, update this novel faster.


Not gonna lie... But ... This is one of the ****tiest stories I had ever read in this app. Is just... Fck is annoying AF the MC is fcking annoying the side b!tches I mean side characters are useless AF and their personality is sh!t the whole background story is fcking trash story doesn't fcking move goddamn like seriously guys you can start reading this and after 3 chapters y'all will find this story annoying then when you're reading more and more y'all will be thinking ohh my be the story will improve but noo is still a ****tier story fck I can't read this sh!t thx for the hard work to the translators but fck no the story y'all pick to translate was this ****tier story thats too bad... If only y'all had picked other story instead of this sh!t that will be good... But still thx to the translator and go fck you're self author :) .I. 🖕🖕🖕🖕


this one is good, i read many reincarnations novel but this one is fresh for me, instead of reborn in the same world or so from earth to some magically world, this one bring the MC from his cultivations world to modern earth like we live now the con for me is, there is to many pretty lady(this one is pretty and this one too , till i just think they are all same), and some of them fall for MC currently only 4 ,i prefer if the author increase the enemy instead of the woman that fall for the MC, its not go to harem route yet, but i hope its not,


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Sorry if my reviews are too long but, this a modern day cultivation story, which is pretty uncommon. Now, it's very slow paced but some of you may like it that way since it's slightly reasonable, knowing that there are questions that haven't been solved yet throughout the story. I had few problems reading this at all and it's pretty good, as Qidian chose well. Here's why: Translation Quality: The quality of Qidian's translations are truly one of the best, the editors and translators included. This is always expected from me, and probably most of the readers on Qidian. I literally found no errors in grammar/punctuation and it was all easily read and understood. Updating Stability: The update stability (like always) was always followed by and true from what I've seen. The translators and editors have a schedule and they obey it (5 chapters a week). The translation speed though, could be a little faster, maybe 7 days/week. I say that since the novel is already completed and still has about 2000 chapters to go. Other than that no problems with this. Story Development: The story and plot develops at a VERY slow pace. But if you ignore that, you find almost no problems. If you do read past the beginning, (unlike some other people) you find that it slowly get's better. There is a clear objective and the plot is reasonable and there isn't any plot holes. As the information is also given to you at reasonable times, as it is, the plot is pretty good. Character Design: The main character and some very important characters have personalities and each have goals and backstories. But the side characters aren't really realistic, and girls may fall in love too easily (to the extent of 10 days together = love forever). He easily discards girls even if that happens (for the sake of cultivation) and makes it look like they're side characters, although they aren't, and indeed do help with the development of story and the main character. Which is why this is okay. World Background: The world develops slowly and information is given to you slowly (like I said before). No info dumps and the world development isn't only at the beginning, (like some stories) and it develops throughout the story instead of all the info at the beginning. This makes it comprehensive and allows you to take it all in, and know what's happening. Taking all of that into account, I rate and recommend this story at 4.4 stars! I liked this story and hopefully you do too, just get through the beginning and it'll get better (in my opinion)! Go ahead and read now.


Absurd story with cardboard characters that are (and i mean all of them) gunning for the "moron of the year" award. I really tried to see if it get better by skimming large parts but it actually gets worse. If reading about mentally defective people makes you feel better then this is a novel for you. You have been forewarned. The sheer stupidity of the MC (and pretty much every character) might rub on you! If you don't trust this review then all you have to do is sample the comments for a few chapters to understand that i did not overstate anything. The rating is something like -5 but i posted 2 stars just so the review does not get blocked.


Good Story, i hope more chapter release faster. The story background is indeed very good. Moreover, this story suite my style very much. So i hope qidian release faster the chapter. Anyway, Thanks for translation.


Want annoying mc? Want a lot of girls to have a crush on mc? Want annoying girls? Want arrogant people? Want mc that gives mercy? Want mc that doesn’t do revenge? This is the book for you This book is pretty good if you like the list up there but I don’t so I don’t recommend this if you don’t like the list up there


The worse racist novel ever... But good story.. As an Indonesian chapter 530 is the worse Chinese novel chapter I've ever read.. MC got overpowered throughout the story.. (till 531) I don't know the later development tho..


One of my favorite novels right now. The storyline is very good, I especially like the short passages written in the view of different people, sometimes unimportant ones... kinda makes everything smoother. Translation is quite good, story development and world background nice as well, character introductions sometimes not too elaborate though. Well nothing against the main character, he is a bit cold, but not without emotion, which is quite nice. Also he is not as overpowered, as some other main characters are. Just give it a try, it's definetely wort it. TRUST ME Oh and pls update more often if possible!!!


I love this novel and allot of reviews i see are bad because the author is racist against America and Japan. I can't speak much about why he is racist against America but for Jjapan I understand. For the longest time I wondered why allot of Chinese authors hated japan since in there books they always portrayed Japanese people as the scum of the earth, till I actually did some research. If you actually look up what Japan has done to china in the past, you would be surprised. Like the Nanking Massacre aka the Rape of Nanking. During world war 2 the Japanese Armed forces brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians. (basically prisoners). They also raped between 20,000 and 80,000 women. Japan never took any prisoners during the war. If you surrendered they killed you, if you were a girl they would rape you.They even used poison gas on the Chinese (like mustered gas). Even after Japan signed international treaties saying it wouldn't use poison gas, but they still did secretly on battlefields in Asia, they committed allot of war crimes. To add fuel to the fire Japan for the longest time has not even acknowledged that these things took place, even with all the evidence that was stacked against them. Last I heard was that the Japanese citizens had urged the government to acknowledge the World War II crimes. I don't know if they government has or hasn't apologized, But again its there governments fault. Its a shame that allot of Chinese people hate Japan and there people. Since allot of Japanese people don't feel the same way now that they did back then. Yeah it happened along time ago, you may even just say to them to "just get over it, it happened along time ago". But that could be said for allot of events that happened in the past like the Holocaust, or even slavery in America. You wouldn't just tell them to "get over it", would you. But if you actually listen to the stories of the survivors of this horrific event. It is 100% more brutal then I have made it seem. So next time you will know, why allot of Chinese people hate Japan. To allot of them,Japan is filled with evil people. Its just a dam shame that they feel this way. Over time people grow and change but allot of Chinese citizens still grow with hatred for Japan in there harts.


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I really liked this story at the beginning but now I am not so sure. The concept is good as it diverges from the typical xianxia plotline/tropes. The only problem is the harem as I think that the story would be far better without it. I am looking forward to how it develops further down.


Good story but the author hates the USA and it shows the US Navy let pirates raid a cruise ship they are suppose to be the greatest Navy (mc just attacked and sank a us sub so withdrew their ships to search the area), the USA is interfering in Africa because want the resources but +mc invades and makes his own country)


Sometimes I want to go psycho👿 and kidnap the Translator, just to whip him for more translations of this. Ugh! I need to punch someone from the excitement I feel. I ship Luo and Ye. 😍 I feel so violent and pent up. WOOOOO.Don't worry I won't kidnap you Translator.... 😏


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This novel sucks big time. Just way too dragging of one small plot and bot making sense of anything. Sometimes MC is like a fucking GOD and next he is just lamb to be slaughter and out pf nowhere he is GOD to but WAIT thats only infront of people who are noob and mortal otherwise he is just ready to be slaughter lamb.