40 She Tricked Her Third Brother Again

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Bai Beibei nodded honestly. "I'm too nervous. I'm afraid that I. . ."

"Don't be afraid. If you keep thinking about it, it will definitely resonate." That was why in the original novel, Ye Chenfeng only got together with her at the end.

Ye Qingfeng suddenly thought of something and added, "Oh right, if my third brother doesn't take the initiative to ask you your name, don't take the initiative to say your own name either."


"I'll tell you in the future."

If he knew that she was Bai Beibei, Ye Chenfeng would definitely immediately lose it.

It wasn't appropriate to lose it now.

Ye Qingran and Bai Beibei exchanged Wechat contact information and returned to the casual dining Western restaurant.

The two of them entered the restaurant one after the other. Bai Beibei sat at the table beside Ye Chenfeng and Mu Qingxue.

Ye Qingran only went in after a while.

Ye Chenfeng and Mu Qingxue had already finished their meal and were chatting.

Mu Qingxue looked at Ye Chenfeng with admiration and said, "Senior, you're really amazing."

In his heart, Ye Chenfeng was overjoyed, but he looked indifferent on the surface.

He heard a cry of surprise. "Yo, third brother, why are you here?"

"It's quite a coincidence."

Ye Chenfeng replied speechlessly. He thought that Ye Qingran was curious about the person he was dating and came over to watch the show.

He was prepared to introduce Ye Qingran to Mu Qingxue.

However, before he could say anything, Ye Qingran was shocked again. "Yo, Mu Qingxue, the person who is going out with my third brother today is actually you?"

Mu Qingxue's face turned pale and her heart was filled with viciousness.

That damned Ye Qingran, why was he everywhere?

She didn't want Ye Qingran to know about her relationship with Ye Chenfeng at this moment.

Previously, Ye Qingran had clearly taken a liking to her and wanted to pursue her. He even wanted her to be his fourth girlfriend.

Later on, because of the rape incident, Ye Qingran's attitude suddenly changed. He looked like he didn't care about her at all and was even targeting her.

Going against her.

She didn't know if it was because he knew something.

Damn it!

Ye Chenfeng was shocked. "You two know each other?"

Ye Qingran replied, "We are in the same grade. Mu Qingxue is Dongfang Yu's girlfriend. They are very close. They are so lovey-dovey every day. It is difficult for me not to know her."

Ye Chenfeng's expression changed slightly.

He immediately realized what was going on.

His fiery heart felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on it. It instantly turned cold.

Mu Qingxue didn't expect Ye Qingran to expose her right away.

Didn't they say that the Ye brothers had a bad relationship?

Why did these two people act like they were good brothers?

"No matter how famous we are, we aren't as famous as Fourth Young Master Ye." Mu Qingxue quickly found a way to deal with it. She looked at Ye Chenfeng with a hint of shock and anger. "So, you are the Third Young Master of the Ye family?"

Her questioning tone made it seem like Ye Chenfeng had lied to her.

Ye Chenfeng was stunned. It was obvious that he still hadn't figured out what was going on."..."

He didn't say that he was the Third Young Master of the Ye family.

But he didn't lie to the other party either. He didn't say that he wasn't the Third Young Master of the Ye family.

Mu Qingxue's face darkened. She stood up and prepared to leave.

Ye Qingran immediately stopped her. "Wait, you're the one who invited him to a meal, right? Are you leaving without paying the bill?"

Mu Qingxue gritted her teeth in embarrassment. She took the menu and went to the bar in front to pay the bill before leaving.

Ye Chenfeng was very depressed. "What's going on?"

Ye Qingran sat there lazily and elegantly.

But her gaze was sharp, and her tone was cold. "I was just curious and came to see your date. I didn't expect it to be Mu Qingxue. Do you think she's very kind and cute? Then do you know that when I was wrongfully accused of raped, it was all planned by this woman?"

"Why did she want to harm you?" Ye Chenfeng was shocked again.

"She thought that she was a fairy so all the men in the world liked her. You should thank me for my curiosity accidentally saving you. Otherwise, you might have become a third party and be used by others without knowing it."

Ye Chenfeng instinctively wanted to retort .

He wanted to say that he didn't, and that he wouldn't.

However, he was interrupted by Ye Qingran. "Are you trying to say that she was only thanking you today and treating you to a meal? That it's not what I thought and there wasn't anything going on between you two?"

The words that he wanted to say were stuck in his throat.

Of course, it was impossible that there wasn't anything going on between them.

Mu Qingxue was obviously interested in him.

As for him, he couldn't say that he liked her, but he was a little attracted to her.

He didn't expect her to already have a boyfriend.

Furthermore, she had framed Ye Qingran. No matter how bad Ye Qingran was, no matter how much he despised him, he was still his younger brother.

The attraction suddenly turned into a dry straw that stuck to his chest.

He felt a little disgusted.

Not knowing what to say, Ye Chenfeng stood up and wanted to leave. However, he didn't see the chair beside him and staggered.

"Be careful."

Bai Beibei, who was sitting at the table beside him, instinctively stood up and extended her hand to support him.

After he steadied himself, he quickly retracted his hand.

Ye Chenfeng didn't fall down just now, but he still thanked her politely. "Thank you."

Bai Beibei was very nervous and uneasy. "No need, no need."

Ye Qingran's gaze landed on Bai Beibei. "Miss, you're so pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?"

Ye Chenfeng looked at Ye Qingran, who was suddenly filled with mischief, then looked at the little girl who was supporting him. She was pretty and cute, innocent and pure-hearted.

Thinking of his scumbag brother's three girlfriends, he didn't wait for Bai Beibei to answer and said, "Why do you care whether she has a boyfriend or not? Let's go back!"

"Ah, you're already protecting her. Could it be that you also have a crush on this pretty lady? How about the two of you date each other?" Ye Qingran smiled ambiguously.

She then asked Bai Beibei, "Seeing how you saved the hero just now, you must have taken a liking to my third brother as well. You will agree to be with him, right?"

Bai Beibei's small face instantly turned red, like a ripe red apple."..."

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Ye Chenfeng's face also turned red as he scolded Ye Qingran.

He then said to Bai Beibei apologetically, "I'm sorry, my younger brother was beaten up a while ago. His brain hasn't fully recovered yet."

After saying that, he grabbed Ye Qingran's arm and ran away.

After walking out of the restaurant, Ye Chenfeng immediately shook off ye Qingran's hand. "You already have three girlfriends, so stop harming others."

Ye Qingran said, "I can break up with those three girlfriends for her. I can feel it. She might be my true love. You don't like her anyway, so why do you care so much?"

Ye Chenfeng hesitated for a moment before replying, "Who said I don't like her?"

Ye Qingran had a look of disbelief. "Go ask her for her Wechat, and I'll believe you."

Ye Chenfeng's expression was extremely ugly. He had just been splashed with cold water by someone, so how could he possibly fall in love with another girl so quickly?

He was using a delay tactic so that the little girl wouldn't be harmed by his scumbag younger brother.

Ye Qingran said, "See, I knew you were lying to me."

"Just you wait!"

Ye Chenfeng gritted his teeth and turned around to return to the restaurant to ask Bai Beibei for her Wechat.

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